Monday, June 30, 2008

Internet Tilt

Do you think Comcast would reimburse my $11.50 they cost my by inexplicably dropping my entire neighborhood's internet (or at least the two neighbors with unsecured wireless) in the middle of my HU match?

It was extra cool of them to allow me to connect back for a split second to see that my 2k to less than 1k lead had been whittled away to about 1200 chips for me and then drop me again after the glimpse.

A big FU to Comcast and all it's comcastic shittiness. Man that is frustrating....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Always Amusing

Sometimes the chat is a good jopke

Overheard after spinedo1 hit a gutshot to cripple mikedill:

mikedill: i know you dont win at sngs

spinedo1: cuz i'm sure you play perfct every time

mikedill: when sitting next to you it could look that way

mikedill: an infant could look like a pro

Games Played: 2,922
Avg Profit: $3
Avg Stake: $27
ROI: 10%
Total Profit: $7,396

Games Played: 269
Avg Profit: -$1
Avg Stake: $4
ROI: -20%
Total Profit: -$190