Sunday, November 16, 2008


A work buddy e-mailed me about the Steelers taking it easy on LT.. he needed the points. I sent this reply and then went to look up how close I was on the penalty difference and thought that there was something wrong with the NFL site... they still had the score as 11-10.

My e-mail:

I don't normally bitch about the officiating.. but come on!! It was like the refs had money on San Diego or something. Sooooo many no calls on SD for holding (don't think there was one all game but I saw a ton) and calling every infraction on the Steelers. The Steelers committed 12 more penalties than the Chargers? Or did the Chargers get called 12 less? Hmmmm.

At least my boys got it done this week.... I would be fuming if they had not.

They let him have a TD...what more do you want? 100 yards? Heh, not this year.


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Tell pitt to ease up on ladanian....I neeed the fantasy points.......

It turns out I was incorrect about the penalties, SD was charged with 2 to Pittsburgh's 13 and I am absolutely floored about the final. I watched the game and I thought it ended 17-10. and both have the final as 11-10. What gives? The spread was 4.5 and it seemed like the officials did everything they could to keep it in that... including taking a couple of TDs off the board. I can give them the Willie Parker TD called back for holding.. but the Polamalu one at the end of the game is pretty much ridiculous. The Steelers got the win, but it was still very frustrating to watch James Harrison get held on most plays, blatantly facemasked, and have it not called once while every infraction of the Black and Gold is flagged.

Whatever officials. I am die hard Steelers and think Football is the king of pro sports but the league is really dissapointing me this year. I think some of the responsibility lies with the commish, bitch-ass Goodell. I miss Tagliabue. I do not agree with the league "cracking" down on the hits. All of these fines that are issued after the game for plays that were legal and (correctly) not called during the game. For feck's sake, its football. Not flag football, tackle football. We all understand the business side of the game, i.e. it is bad for the business when you lose a Tom Brady for the season (but feck him and all the Pats fans too), but that is a risk that is assumed when the players suit up.

I am running out of steam and have no real intention other than venting. Summation? This season has been the most memorable in my lifetime of being a fan for bad officiating, bad leadership of the league, and frustration as a fan. Goodell and the officials GFY.


Poker Time has been filled in with WoW lately. I don't have a character high enough to do any of the new content in the Lich King release but I still get to experience the delays to logging in. Worst of both worlds :-)

Life has been nuts since this July and I have taken a hiatus from poker to a more +EV game (although it guarantees me to lose $14 each month). It is nice to have a rough week and then smash through stuff with my work friends on Tuesday nights. While the peaks are not as high... it lacks the troughs of poker. I am getting enough of the negative variance in real life right now.

On the odd trivia/bright side, I am now renting a townhouse that is sandwiched between two Detroit Lions players. The QB, Orlovsky, and the long snapper.... and I no longer have the care and maintenance of the grounds and driveway of our dream home. Silver linings and all that.