Sunday, January 15, 2006

Here We Go Steelers!

Warning, no poker content.


What a game.... and what horrible officiating. It has been pretty poor during the entire playoffs, but today took the cake. I have never seen a game officiated so poorly with incorrect and missed calls playing such important roles!! The saddest part? The Steelers or the Colts might get a letter next week apologizing about the incorrect call, but what solace is that?

Why are officials blowing whistles on possible interceptions when that is the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do? If there is even a chance it was intercepted, they are directed to allow the play to complete so they can make the correct ruling, not end any chance of the play being reviewed or correctly called. That interception was close and a tough call in my admittedly biased opinion, but it was stillborn...never given its proper chance.

Riddle me this... A defender touches a offensive lineman in his stance, a whistle blows and another lineman stands up. The officials basically call "do-over". When did the playground accepted call of "do over" become NFL policy? There should have been a flag on that play. Either the Steelers had a false start or the Colts were guilty of encroachment. No such animal as a "do over" in the NFL unless there are offsetting penalties.

I am not even going to get started on the pass interference no call early in the game against a deep Randle El. I might be to biased on that one, but it looked like interference to me. I must have been seeing things today, because I also a sack in the endzone that would have been ruled a safety by any other officiating crew in the world. (Pop Warner officials included)

Finally, and perhaps the most outrageous blown call, is the overturned interception by Polamalu that would have for all intents and purposes ended the game. That was pure unadulterated bullshit. If I believed online poker was rigged, I guess I could make the logic leap that perhaps the officials were "gotten to" by someone who wanted to influence the game. However, I don't think online poker is rigged and I really don't think that the game was "fixed". I do think that those officials should be reviewed and their future in the NFL should be seriously considered. I also think that the NFL needs to have a more open policy about their review process for officials and their calls. I know they are only human, and they will make mistakes.... but that many in a game of such importance is simply unacceptable to the players, the league and the fans.

If the Steelers had not managed to hold on and win, I suppose I could be called a sore loser. They did manage to avoid the ass pillaging the officials seemed intent on handing them so that must make me a sore winner. So be it.

I felt that both teams came out and played great football. The Steelers caught the Colts off guard with their aggressive play calling and unusually high percentage of passing plays in the first half. The Steelers D played as good a game as you can ask of them and found ways to pressure Manning. Kudos to the D and the Dick the D Coordinator. Coach Dungy was classy in his loss and I felt bad that he had to lose something else precious to him this year. (stark contrast when compared with his whining primadonna QB that called out his O Line in the post game press conference. Good luck with that next year Manning. Both of you are little primadonna bitches in STeelerJosh's book and you both got your just desserts in the playoffs)

The Steelers dominated the Colts on the field and on the stat sheet....despite being apparently being outnumbered on the field with 11 Colts and several officials playing against the 11 Steelers.

I will be in Orlando Florida next weekend for Lotusphere and will be looking for a place to catch the AFC championship game at 3 PM on Sunday. Anyone know any good bars near The Swan in Disney? Here We Go Steelers!!


Poker news. I won $50 playing with 7 friends last weekend by playing 3 $10 SNGs. I got it all in heads up with a favorite hand of mine, "Bah Fight" (heavy Boston accent required). KJs vs 89s. Both hearts, both all in pre flop. I am excited but the 6 on the flop opened the door and runner runner gives the villain a 10 high straight and I take $20 instead of $60. I won the last game for a nice $50 profit overall. I have another live game this Friday night. Online, I was holding my own, but went on a slight tear tonight by losing three heads up matches and two six person SNGs. Net for the night? -60 and over half of my bankroll. At least the Steelers won.


WillWonka said...

I forgot to write about the "do over call". How crazy was that? Call it one way or the other.

As you know, I'm biased against the Steelers.. but I'll give you my opinion on the above situations:

I don't even recall the first interception you speak of. The do over call, I call against Indy. The flinch that they speak of was so small that you needed a super slow mo to see it... although it appears that Indy saw it.

As I stated I agree on the intereference. They never did replay the play before that when Randle El complained of holding.

No argument on the interception that was reviewed. I just don't know how they missed that one.

After the replay, I agree with the spot on the Manning sack; although I thought it was a safety at first as well.

I'm also not a huge Manning fan although I think he is a great QB. I for one didn't mind what he said. They did have protection problems. Whether or not he should say anthing is another story.. perhaps not. I hate whining as much as they next guy; but if it justified.. so be it. Brett Hull also got accused of that here in St Louis.

I can't say that I'm glad that your Steelers won... but I'm glad that they didn't lose.. based on play on the field despite the officiating.

Good luck to your Steelers!! Of course I will be rooting against them... lol

Steve said...

The interception call on the field was correct. It was blown by the replay guy. Absolute dog crap. The offsides thing was bizarre. they didnt know what the F to do. There was also the interference no-call early in the game against El. They blew that one loud and clear as well. Horrific officiating. Horrific.

chipper said...

Prediction - Broncos 27, Steelers 24.


Ya, I live in Colorado. What can I say. You're coming to our house now!