Saturday, January 05, 2008


In addition to high blood pressure, gripes about the annual horrible post season officiating, and frustration in some of the Steeler play calling.... I am left feeling unfulfilled. I don't think they had the personnel or the play calling to go all the way again but I do think that they should have won the game tonight and I really would have liked to see them give the Pats a run.

On the piss poor officiating of the playoffs - why does it seem so horrible every year? In both games I watched today there were blatant no calls, unexplicable overturned calls, and phantom penalty calls. I don't know why the NFL does not keep regular season crews together for the playoffs.

Enough steam blown off I suppose, time to dwell on my dissapointment until the next season..... oh wait, perhaps only as long as it takes for the next generation Steeler fan to arrive in the SteelerJosh household! SteelerSteph is ready to pop and I am amazed that this game tonight did not send her into labor. Yeah, I suppose that will put it in perspective and quickly bury this loss in the archives of my brain.

Looking forward to reading what MeanGene has to say about the game.

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