Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Micro-Limit Hell

I have heard that is it always darkest right before the lights go all the way out. I have also heard the lightning kills hundreds of people trying to find the silver lining of a cloud each year. I think I will risk it.

Since my blow up at 3/6 and 5/10, I have been relegated back to the low limits. The net loss was only a little over $100 but I obviously need to work on my bankroll management. Statistically, I was not tilting... my play was still tight and my aggression was controlled. I just could not win a hand. Best example? I hold QJo in the BB and it is checked to me. Flop comes xJJ. I cold call the raiser in MP. Turn is a Q giving me a full house. I now he cannot have four Jacks because I have one. Maybe he has a high pair, but I doubt it. We cap betting. By the turn I had put MP on a Jx, maybe he has paired his x giving him a lower boat. The only hand I am afraid of is QQ, but his play up until then would have been to raise pre flop with a pocket pair. I bet out on the K river and we cap again. I flip QJ expecting the pile of chips to start digitally sliding towards me and he flips KJ for a higher boat and I numbly accept it, that was how it was going that night. My VP$IP was never above 25% at a 10 person table but I won 1/18 hands I played, going to showdown on 7 and losing 6. It was unreal.

That behind me, I am now playing micro limits on UB again. I am not sure if it is a positive swing in variance, but it seems easy to me now. I placed (1,3) in the two SNG's I have played and I am making good plays in the .05/.10 NL games. During the SNG challenge, I could not buy a SNG win. So, I am wondering if my game has improved or I am just getting a good run of cards. I'd like to belive that I am getting better.


GaryC said...

Stay at it Josh. Slow and steady wins the race.

I have no doubt after playing against you and watching you in SNG's that you can win consistently at whatever level you choose. Hang in there.

Also, keep blogging dude, I have alot of free time at work.


TripJax said...


After winning the HU Challenge I've lost 10 straight HU's. That coupled with some other bad/unlucky play has really set me back at the tables and in my head. I've given it some time and I feel better now though.

May the felt be with us both...

STeelerJosh said...

Thanks for the comments guys, I was on a self imposed poker vacation after my nightmare Monday night two weeks ago. I am still in disbelief... I cannot fathom that the cards would be so cruel to me and not go my way in that many sequential hands. I did not tilt, after review I may have played a few more hands (5-7 more out of a hundred) than I usually do, but I just could not win a showdown.

I think I am still in some type of denial, but it helps to post about it here and get your support.