Friday, October 07, 2005

Vince Van Patten's Replacement?

I had a very enjoyable afternoon grinding away at Party's latest reload bonus, MKMYDAY.

This one lively fish made it particularly fun. Look out Vince, I think we have found the new WPT color commentator. For reference here are the new Vince's stats. Impressive indeed.


After losing to my flopped straight. I had not played a hand in quite awhile and the reraise got a lot of respect, it folded around to Todd. He called all the way.

#2842026576: STeelerJosh wins $16.25 from the main pot with a straight, nine to king.
Toddnelson: you reraised with 9-10 thats a smart move

STeelerJosh: you called through the river on a draw. Smarter?

Toddnelson: cause i knew you play crap

STeelerJosh: thanks for your chips and your advice. Both are welcome

Toddnelson: you need um both

STeelerJosh: :-)
STeelerJosh: can't argue with that
*Note* - My VP$IP was under 20%, I had won the only two showdowns I was involved with

Commenting on the guy to his left that spiked an A on the river to beat my Hiltons

#2842067475: phpoker111 wins $11.75 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and nines.
STeelerJosh: nc
Toddnelson: hes a calling station
*Note* - phpoker's VP$IP was 38%, less than half of Todd's.

This one reminded me of Jordan's "It's easy with Aces".... but in reverse

#2842081859: phpoker111 wins $16.75 from the main pot with a full house, Aces full of eights.
Toddnelson: i hate aces

He kept putting in comments about the slowness of play

Dealer: HesseJam has been reconnected and has 20 seconds to act.
Toddnelson: i think he died

After making his runner runner flush. There was one diamond on the flop

#2842127201: Toddnelson wins $22 from the main pot with a flush, ace high.
Toddnelson: tilt
Toddnelson: you'll win playing like that alot

Parting shot after missng his draw

#2842139832: goodflopper wins $14.75 from the main pot with a pair of aces.
Toddnelson: you only win on river

I closed down the table shortly after he left. Despite sucking out on me once, it was very enjoyable and profitable to play with a table captain that plays 63/74 hands and takes 37 of them to showdown. Yikes!!

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TripJax said...

what a jopker...i'm sure you tagged him for future play...