Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Afraid to Post?

I have been slowly sinking back into the poker "addiction"...Specifically the playing half. (I never stopped reading all the blogs!)

I have been hesitant to post because I do not have any strategy to share and no big results. I have been playing well since I started to focus on the games again. No big hits, but a lot of steady chipping up at short handed 1/2. Mostly playing on PokerStars and PokerRoom, although I cashed out $100 of profit last night and loaded it back on UB (still have some bonus to clear there). Very happy with my results and tempted to post about them recently as I keep reading the similar experiences that Gary, Jordan, ScurvyDog, and TripJax. Seems like the balance of variance has been tilting our way a little and we are all improving as players.

Enter tonight. American Idol is back on which is fantastic for me. Not a fan of Simon and the game, but it guarantees 3-4 hours of weeknight poker uninterrupted! That show is like a wife pacifier, put it on and she is transfixed. Once I am able to block out the constantly ringing phone (grandma, her mom, her dad, her brother... they all call to constantly compare notes) I can settle into some quality poker time. Tonight I decided to play a la TripJax style and brought my laptop into the living room. I was feeling that I would like to take a shot at a small MTT and knew the PokerStars had just what I wanted. I found an almost full 45 person and registered for my $11. Let the games begin.

I played well and was happy with my results (see below). I had a big suckout go both ways (no complaints) and I managed to survive the first one without it setting me on tilt. With horrible singing on t.v. (maybe it was good, I am no judge) I made my way to the first break in the middle of the pack. I was bounced to a few tables and before I knew it I was in the final 20 and still in good position. I was playing very tight and until the first suckout I was 100% for showdowns. Segue to final table. I am in the top 3 in chips and I need 2 to fall out before the money (7 spots payed). I am still running well not taking stupid risks and feeling pretty good. Mandisa steps on stage to sing and I hope she will not eat my mojo, there are 3-4 left and I am second in chips. She gets praise from the judges and I get heads up with almost a 2-1 chip advantage. Sweet... I am good at HU.

I guess I rationalize it with only a $40 difference, but I doubled up the guy within the first 5 hands(QJs v K9o) and then I jammed on a four card flush hoping to take it down right there...or make my draw. Called down with a K high (he had 3 cards to the flush) and my J8s does not catch the last club. Next time. I would probably play the same way going forward as aggression is important when HU and he woke up with some good cards, and made some very gutsy/gambling calls. Good game overall, no complaints.

So, I am pretty pumped. I have not done well in MTT before and this was a good start. I think that my game has matured to a point where these become a viable option for me. I will continue with the short handed limit, some HU, and throw in some low buy in MTT to keep working on that skill.

Since I enjoy seeing good results on other blogs, thought I would post my hard earned second place here to share!

I'll take it. Posted by Picasa


TripJax said...

very nice job steeler. 2nd out of 45 is the shizzy.

GaryC said...

Nice job Josh. How about one together tonight or Friday?


HighOnPoker said...

Hey man, I just got to this post. It seems like we are tearing up the 45-person SNGs. I hit it for a 1st and 2nd place this week and SirWaffle hit it for a 1st place as well. Looks like its the new bread and butter of the blogger clan. Good stuff. Congrats. It's good to see you back in form at the tables and in the blog.