Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl XL

1743: I am starting to get a little nervous.... have been watching the "pre-game" show since noon today. Played some cards, drank some Miller Lite, and munched on munchies. Lets go Steelers.

We just reviewed the Seahawks schedule and it was pretty unimpressive. I know that they have the NFL MVP, but they are NFC and thereby soft. I really don't think they have played any type of team that will help to prepare them for the defense they will face today. The Steelers are tough, fast, athletic and on a mission. Lookout.

I predicted a 24-2o Steelers victory over the Seahawks in December and I am sticking to my prediction. I think that The Bus will get a short yardage TD, Big Ben will get another one on a bootleg goal line play action to the Bus and Heath Miller will catch one. Jeff Reed will add 3 from a FG and there you go. 24

1756: They just showed the crowd and it looks like a home game. Terrible Towels are a swinging!!!

1757: Why does John Madden dye his eyebrows? They really look funny.

1808: Franco Harris is the man. Terrible Towel was a nice touch.

1810: The Bus ran out. The Team ran out. I got chills.

1901: Not the beginning I imagined, but not as bad as it could be. Wake up call for the Steelers?

1946: Despite a family controversy (my wife was with me on the call, but the father in law and brother in law were skeptical), I think it was clearly a TD. If it were Hasselbeck, I would have called it a TD for him too. Whew, this is not a pretty game.

1955: Halftime. The game is close as expected, but the Steelers are playing messier than I expected. I am glad the Steelers have the lead and are getting the ball to start the half. They have been making excellent half time adjustments throughout the playoffs, I think that will continue.

On the commercial front, I don't think they have lived up to the expectations. Some funny ones, but nothing that I will be talking about at work tomorrow. I did like that the guy finally gave into the monkeys, but nothing else is too memorable. Time to eat more at halftime.

2044: The baby Clydesdale commercial was a hit with the girls eliciting several "ahhhhs". Fast Willie Parker's run had the same affect on the men. Damn that kid is quick. He brings a real suddeness to the game. JB is coaching him on the sideline right now. I really hope they bring it home for Jerome.

2117: 14 point swings suck. Hand me another Lite. C'mon Steelers. C'mon Ben. That pick is haunting us.

2121: I like Casey Hampton. Let's hear it for the Big Boys.

2122: I like Ike.

2123: Add on 15 suckas. Still can't believe Ike Taylor caught one. He has been dropping the cans of corn all season. What do they say? "If he could catch he would be a receiver."

2128: HOLY SHIT!!!

2128: I jumped up too fast...light headed. I like Randle El too. Damn, that guy has got a cannon on the run. That is the second time he has done that this season. Laser pass on the run. Here We Go STEELERS. 21-10.

2133: Hmmm. Hasselbeck is fumble monkey. I am not sure how this one will turn out. Could be ballgame. He was touched but not while he was down, curious what the call will be.

2136: Little luck for the Seahawks. Can't complain too much, we have had some luck today too.

2139: Tick, Tick, Tick. Sack. 6:32 left.

2146: Big First Down. The Steelers always remind me of college ball. They have some wacky plays. 3:51 left.

2200: 34 seconds left. 11 points. Still nervous.

2201: Porter was right. Stevens is soft.

2202: 3 seconds. Cowher is wet.

2207: It is setting in. Kinda sad that this was probably the last time we will see the Bus running and jumping up like a huge bobble head doll after picking up a crucial first down. Hall of Fame bound, I think this game sealed the deal for him and Coach Cowher.

Now I am getting greedy, but this makes me wonder if the Steelers can string a few together. I think Randle El should have been MVP, but Ward is deserving too. The mantra of the Steelers each season used to be "One for the Thumb". Now what are we going to say?


WillWonka said...

Congrats on your team winning!!! Such a great feeling. I am saying this somewhat partially; but the Steelers victory was gifted to them from the boys in black and white.

Crazy offensive interference call and then crazy holding call (especially since I thought the Steelers were off sides on that play). And then "illegal" tackle/block on Hassleback. I'll give you the Ben touchdown because it was really, really close.

Anyway, congrats.. again!! I just wish it were untainted.

DuggleBogey said...

"Add on 15 suckas?" That is the single dumbest call I have seen in the history of the Super Bowl.

STeelerJosh said...

Hey DB, it was live blogging. Watching it this morning I don't agree with the call. Point for you.

It was still awesome to be a Steelers fan and in the Super Bowl.

Now the long off season begins, gotta get back to pokering.