Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hoyazo Inspired Me

I guess this falls under the concept that "It's the thought that counts" because it was certainly not about the cheddar. I took down a $1 PokerStars 45 person MTT tonight. I tried the MTT because I wanted to have some of the fun that Hoyazo does when Hoy makes it look so easy....

I pulled the patented Hoy a few times and also employed the reverse with success. After the first big pot I took down, I never left the top 3. Moderated aggression fo shiz. Thanks for the inspiration Hoyazo, it netted me $13 and a boost of confidence!

*edit* stupid Blogger, giving up on uploading the screen grab of this impressive victory, you will just have to imagine my name at the top :)

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