Friday, May 26, 2006

Hoyazo = En Fuego

I have not posted in .... let me see.... carry the 1.... Um.......forever. Between work and cruise I took last week, poker and blogging has not been a priority. Things are looking up in that area as my work "busy season" comes to an end today.

Bloglines made it easy to catch up on my reading after a week OCONUS (Outside the CONtinental US for you civilian types) and my favorite blog to catch up was hands down Hoyazo's Hammer Player's Poker Blog. I really enjoy his screenshots (one of his recent posts must be some kind of record) and his "strategery" towards the game. He gives enough insight into the game and his style, but does not give away the whole thing.... just a taste. Anyway, the trademarked Hoyazo and Reverse Hoyazo included, it is very fun to read the exploits of a blogger that is really coming into stride with his game and dare I say it, running hot right now. If you have not been there yet, make sure you stop by and congratulate Hoyazo on his takedown of the Party 40k Gauranteed. Well played and even better chronicled, sir.

In the OTHER department I have some adminstrata to take care of.

Big Thanks to Jordan, the Devil's Advocate. He produced on his bounty for the DADI and I am now the proud owner of a sweet pair COPAQ card decks. Thank you for running your 1010 into my JJ.

I am getting pumped up for Okie Vegas, although it has been pushed to the back burner of my mind the past month. Work and life gets into the way of cool things like this.

I used the bulk of my online bankroll to finance the drinking, gambling, and excursions on my 7 day cruise last week. Back to the cellar for me, but that is where I still belong so it may helpful as I will not be able to give into the temptations to frolic in the levels above my BR. The winnings (think positive) of my Okie Vegas trip will be the seeds of the new improved STeelerJosh BR. Tally Ho!

Lastly, there is a potential for a big change at work on the horizon. Can't get into details here, but it would be a big change for SteelerSteph and me and something that I am looking forward to. Will post the details on here for any family and friends that stop by once I can.

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