Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Casa De Cox

I guess I should have paid some more attention to my plane ticket because I was very surprised to have a 3 hour layover in Minnasoooota this morning. The plane ride from the Twin Cities to OKC more than compensated for the three boring hours. I ended up sitting in the middle of a posse of good ‘ol boys. Most were on the way home from a fishing trip in Alaska and my favorite was an oil driller that had been in Kuwait that very morning. Besides being entertained with stories for the 2 and a half hour flight, I learned some handy things. Besides GCox, does anyone know what a noodler does?

After meeting up with Gary and Trip (they were easy to identify, how many other people walk through the airport holding “The Hammer”), we decided to grab a bite to eat and get down to the business of being here. Poker! My first experience in a OK Casino was a good one. We all sat in the lowest limit game the Chickasaw Nation spread (3/6) and I was happy that I was not at the same table as Trip and Gary (sharks). I came right into the BB and peeled the cards up to see AQo. Cool. I checked from the BB and was pleased to see a Q high rainbow flop. Bet it out and had two callers. Bet on the turn and scooped the pot without a showdown. This was one of the few hands that did not go to a showdown. The second hand I looked down to 4d7d and completed $2 from the SB. I was happy to see an all diamond flop and was pretty sure I was good by the turn when a heart came and it was checked around. I called the raise by the button along with two others. The river was another blank and I bet out this time since I thought the button would probably check it down. Two folds, he calls and his trips lose to my flopped flush. I then did something that I am not proud of. I folded my third hand…. The Hammer on the Button. I know, wimp move but these people were playing any two and were not fazed by any preflop raises. The rest of the night was interesting, I was up and down, but usually within 2-3 BB of my 100 buy in. I went on a little rush at the end with a set on the flop that turned into quads on the river. One or two hands later I flopped a straight with my KQ in the BB. The fun of this table was you could nut peddle all day long and you would have people along for the ride. I cashed out up half a buy in (151 actually, perhaps an indicator of where this week is headed) and happy with my play. I made a good lay down when the river counterfeited my flopped two pair with a second 10 and put the fourth diamond on the table. The nice lady with the oxygen tank showed me the Ad and I was pretty sure she had one just like it behind the one she flashed me. The only play I would have done differently was when I made the mistake of thinking I was HU and there was another player still in the pot. I had a read on my oxygen tank lady and knew she would fold. She did, but the guy that was still in called me to the river where his Q9 beat my QJ on a board with 3 overs to his 9. You like that action, but Gary was right when he said you cannot get people off a hand around here.

I racked up and headed to Gary's crib. After meeting the kids, the animals, and the missus, we cracked some Keystone Light. Surprising huh? Low Limit Poker - No Limit Beer and all that. The hospitality is Southern finest and Gary had some gifts for us for coming down here! I am looking forward to reading Positively Fifth Street and passing it on to the next blogger. Thanks Gary. Time for the Mookie.

I just busted out 12th in the Mookie. Happy with my play, it went off the tracks on a misread. I raised AQo in EP and the BB doubled my bet. I called and started to put him on a hand. The flop came Q high with two hearts and I hoyed him announcing to Gary that I was sure I was ahead. I was not. GWScott made the easy call with his set of Jacks. Ouch. It was probably my best Mookie yet but I obviously have some work to do on my game. It feels stronger and I feel better.... but not there yet. I think a few days of hanging and playing with some other bloggers might help. Fun stuff and I won the Okie Vegas last longer bet that I just made up. Wheeeee!

Enjoy reading this while you are working tomorrow and I am living the good life with Trip and GCox in Okie Vegas tomorrow!


mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing last night, you made a nice run.

Sounds like a lotta fun in Okie-Vegas. Definitely gonna be there next year.

DuggleBogey said...

It was fun sitting at a table with you in the Mookie, I hope to share one with you live on Friday and hopefully Saturday!

I'm no fisherman, but isn't a "noodler" a guy that uses his fingers as bait to catch catfish?

D said...


The act of noodling...

When steelerjosh is away, I find his wife and I noodler.

JK have fun with out me.