Wednesday, August 30, 2006

M Day

Move Day.

Michigan Day.

Off to the land of Thrice Confirmed Huge Junk. Wheeee.

Maybe this is the same scientific phenomenon that occurs when you buy a new car and then notice that every third car you pass is the same one..... but there seem to be several other bloggers going through the move process and they all seem to express the same feelings I have... only better than I can.

Scurvy Dog
Mean Gene
Poker Poison

I have not tried it, but I understand Mean Gene completely when he says, "It is very difficult to successfully throw away a garbage can." I also identified with his Bittersweet post. Well put.

I am moving today and will not have cable in the new place until Friday so I will have to get my blog fixes via Bloglines and the BlackBerry. Good luck to all at the Mookie and WWDN. Miss my chips.

In summation: Moving is teh Suck.

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