Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nervous for SteelerSteph

Nervous for SteelerSteph

She set off for Novi, MI this morning at an ungodly hour (“O Dark Thirty” is what we called it in the Army) and last I talked to her she was close to her destination at 8 AM.  While the more dramatic might call it destination unknown, I would not fault them.  She was traveling to meet a group of her potential new co-workers at a Panera Bread in Livonia, MI and then off to meet with the division VP and her potential new boss.  That is a lot of unknown to deal with in one morning.  Job interviewing is a stressful proposition, I am sure she did not sleep well/much last night and I am sending her all my good thoughts today.  She really deserves a break and has jumped through all of the hoops required for this new job.  She has not given the new employer any reason not to hire her…. But you just never know with these things.  Good luck Steph, I am feeling good things.

Was SteelerJosh playing the role of good husband last night and helping her prep for this last interview?  Of course not!  He was at a Dave Matthews Band concert with a buddy from work.  I would feel a little more guilt if Steph was not the reason I was there.  I have been a DMB fan since their inception circa 1990 and I had a $100 Ticketmaster gift certificate lying around.  She found a local Ticketmaster outlet and turned the 2 year old gift certificate into tickets to see Dave at Blossom Music Center.  I thought that this was a pretty cool thing to do as I would not have done it myself.  She could not make it with me (because of the whole interview thing today) but I asked a buddy at work and it was on.

Dave brings back many fond memories for me.  When I got out of the Army in 1996 and went back home for a few years, I did a lot of partying with my brothers and their friends.  It seemed that Dave’s albums, “Recently” and “Under The Table and Dreaming” were always playing.  My brother can play a mean air guitar to DMB’s cover of “All Along the Watchtower”.  Hand that kid a fire poker and watch him get busy on the coffee table.  Anyway, watching all the stoners, long hairs, hippie chicks, frat boys, and other monkeys getting their head right for a Dave show took me right back to that place and time last night.  I miss them… the times and the friends.

The only cloud I could see outside of my silver lining last night was that I am getting old!  Mingling with drunk and stoned underage crowd clarified the age difference.  I am on the cusp of really standing out in a DMB crowd as an old guy.  Booo getting old.

Well, think good thoughts for SteelerSteph and her big interview.  I will be sure to post the results…. as long as they are good!


THG said...

I get nervous anytime I get within fifty miles of Novi. Really nervous. It's Novi.

Just kidding.

Sending good luck vibes.

mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing in the tourney last night.

mookie99 said...

Thanks again for making it out last night.