Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's New Pussycat?

Zebus (the Cat), originally uploaded by STeelerJosh.

Feeling the urge to get a post up but nothing exciting happening on the poker front (as in no poker at all recently) so a general update will fit the bill.

Sawyer is being Sawyer and we are adjusting pretty well to his routines. SteelerSteph is headed back to work next week so that is a hurdle on the horizon that needs to be cleared, but I think we will be able to take it in stride. My mother is coming up from Baltimore this weekend to stay with us and provide excellent grandmotherly day care for the next 5 weeks. That will really help the transition back to work but will also provide some challenges of its own as we all absorb the adjustment to our lives. It has been a long time since I "lived" with mother. I can only hope that she pays my house the same respect I paid hers and does not keep a messy room, have friends over when I am not home and water down my liquor. Oops. Paybacks are a bitch I suppose.

Generally, life has been pretty general lately. Most of the poker and motorcycle riding has been accomplished vicariously through all the other great blogs out there (congrats to: GCox on all your recent success, Jordan on your Bloggerment win, Hoy on your 50/50, Chad on your FTOPS 9 performance... I watched you play for awhile but bailed at 12:30 when there were 140 some left, Surflexus on all those Mookie final tables and wins and everyone else that seems to be enjoying success lately). Everything else is baby and work centric with patches of sleep grabbed when possible.

Sawyer is getting more interactive and enjoyable everyday. This is good because I really look forward to coming home from the increasingly stessful work days. The project I am managing has had some technical issues that really pushed me to the limits the past 2 weeks. I have it all sorted out now but I am pretty disappointed in Microsoft documentation. Coming from the IBM/Domino world it has not been an impressive transition in using the MS documentation for Office Communication Server 2007. The project is still on track to be delivered on time (and over budget) but it should not be this hard. I had lunch with the CIO today and alluded to some of the challenges but assured him we were still on track. That is true, and will remain true, as long as I can get this Public Internet Connectivity provisioning process on track with Microsoft. That is a seemingly simple administrative process where we register our new Instant Messaging (ghirly chat for all you ghey bloggers) servers registered and authenticated with the major IM providers: Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. I built the servers, tested the crap out of them, and federated with some other companies so I know my stuff is tight.... but I can't seem to get an traction on getting the request to turn it on with these providers up the chain and in the right places at Microsoft. Who knew that would be so hard? It is frustrating because you expect the hard parts in getting everything built and configured properly not in getting a form completed and an authentication (federation) process started. Booo administrata.

If you are a real sicko and are curious what OCS 2007 is, check out this link explaining one of the servers (an EDGE server) that has been kicking my nerd skills up and down the block the past two weeks. Happy to say that I finally got it all in line, but I was plagued with certificate and connectivity issues along the way.
Edge Server Topology

Best of luck to all you poker bloggers who are still playing poker. I will have to explore some options to get some of the bankroll back online so I can donk it off when I get .... make some time to get back up on Full Tilt. Until then, the proud papa in me wants to leave you with this:

Reason to play online poker #7: When I get pocket Aces on the button with 2 raises in front of me, I make that same face.

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