Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Every Christmas, that annoying pop duet (the Frank Sinatra version comes to mind as the worst offender) gets stuck in my head. SteelerSteph likes to play the "Holly" station of XM through the television to get in the mood starting around Thanksgiving and ending in the New Year. That results in the aural bombardment of my tiny ears with this tune.

With no prompting from the radio, (I was listiening to Opie and Anthony joke about the plane crash in the Hudson) I started humming it on the drive into work this morning. I could not feel my toes, this picture may explain why:

Yep. Without factoring in any wind chill, 10 minutes into my commute it was still -12. And yes, for the more observant, I have over 100k on the Honda. This month I am making my last payment on the 04 Pilot and it cracked 100k with all the Christmas driving. It has been a great vehicle and I would get another in a second if they offered a hybrid version. 21 mpg is not horrible, but it is not great either. I managed to put on all those miles despite having a motorcycle, the wife's company car, and our summer car (01 Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse) to share the love. I get around.

Lest I complain too much about Mr. Sinatra I should consider myself lucky. Lately when it has been freezing around these parts, one of the worst songs I have ever heard will invade my brain. T-Baby's amazing hit, Its so Cold in the D.

This being my first attempt to embed a video on this blog, here is the link just in case:

If you have 2 minutes of your life to completely waste check out this production and lyrical masterpiece. You will regret it and have been warned.


DuggleBogey said...

Wow, 21? Even the honkin' big eight-seater Chevy Traverse we build here in Tennessee gets 26.

TripJax said...

Holy crap. I have a new favorite artist. I'm gonna write my own, "It's So Cold In The G."