Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday Drive

A buddy at work sent me this link -,-77.663247&panoid=6vAkor2kYZz3m5_1iSkMrw&cbp=12,181.53727377395012,,0,21.75107339062427&ll=42.953463,-77.663242&spn=0.027766,0.22316&t=h&z=13

I brought it up and noticed a deer in frame. This conversation ensued:

Me: that is pretty cool
Me: but also begs the question... is streetview really necessary there?

Him: did you keep driving?

Me: no
Me: oh no

Him: oh yeah

Me: I think the next click is the sad one, it is right there along side, right before impact

Me: probably realizing... "uh oh"
Me: I thought the gvan went pretty slow..
Me: must have been moving pretty good

Update: It appears that this got Digg'd or something because it is no longer available due to high demand. I still had the start of the drive up on my screen so I snapped it. Once the demand dies down, it is worth a click (unless google removes it) I should also note that I think the van stopped.. because the street view ends 50 feet or so past the impact.

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