Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Challenge Day 2

At least I am getting my money's worth in entertainment....

Quotes of the night -

HighonPoker - "Its easy with Aces",

HighonPoker - "But in my defense, you suck" - after catching a 4th Jack to beat a Full House.

TripJax - "Smells like hammer in here"

TripJax - "Oh Hammer, you forsake me" - After bubbling out with the hammer (I presume, I only saw that the winner won with pair of Aces)

I played like poo, lost a $5 SNG and bubbled out on a $10 SNG that I could not get my cards to match any flops. Played good, just not good enough.

Playing one more, if I do not money, in danger and will have to resort to low limits, or go out with a bang! I do not know if I could face the hell that I imagine $1 SNGs to be.

Finito - results day 2 are pretty ugly.

0/3. Bankroll is 26.50. Need to assess strategy. GL all.


Kipper said...

It will come around for you. I was fortunate and placed in the money on the first SnG I entered. I have been making mental notes while watching all of you and learning quite a bit so I may go forward and try a few different things. Keep your head up!!

D said...

You suck, I predicted you were gonna bust last night. Way to let me down, where is the old SteelerJosh willing to tilt off his bankroll at the drop of a dime???LOL JK. Are you chasing? I show you are only winning 33% of your Showdowns? of course I only grabbed 2 of your games, check your stats. VPIP seems good but like I said check your stats, tighten up if needed.

HighOnPoker said...

You guys and your poker trackers!! I've come up with an idea. I'm going to see if we can play a 6-person tournament in a private room.

Hey Steel, thanks for helping me not feel like such a loser. Maybe you and DNasty can start a support group. HAHAHA!