Monday, July 18, 2005

"Don't be skurred yet"

Drunken on my sudden affluence and success at $1 SNGs, I made a bold move to get back in this challenge and was bitch slapped right back into my cellar.

My $5 SNG ended with no cash and I am back in the single digits. After reaching a high of $10.30 today, I shut down UB (to upgrade my PT database to SQL) with a smoking 3.70 burning a hole in my virtual pocket. After my last bust out, I sat down at a $25 buy in NL table and doubled my stack in a few hands (slow played the nut flush that I flopped) and it kind of made the grinding at the $1 SNG seem silly, but I enjoy a challenge.

So, as my Missy Elliot inspired post title suggests, don't be scared yet...get your hair and nails did.


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