Monday, July 18, 2005

I read BG's drunken ranting post....

BUT.... I had to share how my day was going today. I believe this is defined as a rush, I placed in 3/4 SnGs today. The last one I just won started with this on the first hand...

Hand #7166690-1 at TurboSnG-0004b (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)
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Started at 18/Jul/05 17:23:44

tru_juggalo is at seat 0 with 1500.
steelerjosh is at seat 1 with 1500.
kdt is at seat 2 with 1500.
pbart3 is at seat 3 with 1500.
scottieboy is at seat 4 with 1500.
strait jack is at seat 5 with 1500.
The button is at seat 5.

tru_juggalo posts the small blind of 10.
steelerjosh posts the big blind of 20.

tru_juggalo: -- --
steelerjosh: Jd 7c
kdt: -- --
pbart3: -- --
scottieboy: -- --
strait jack: -- --

It is checked to me in the BB

Flop (board: 9c Th 8c):
Cool, a flopped straight, but not the nut straight. Let's see what happens

tru_juggalo checks. steelerjosh bets 50. kdt folds.
scottieboy calls. strait jack raises to 100.
tru_juggalo calls. steelerjosh calls. scottieboy

Turn (board: 9c Th 8c 9s):

tru_juggalo checks. steelerjosh checks. scottieboy
checks. strait jack bets 95. tru_juggalo goes
all-in for 1380. steelerjosh goes all-in for 1380.
scottieboy folds. strait jack goes all-in for 1380.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

tru_juggalo shows 9h Kc. Trip 9s, what I figured he had based on all in bet after turn
steelerjosh shows Jd 7c. hope it holds up..
strait jack shows 7s 6s. was really curious what he had... Yes!!

River (board: 9c Th 8c 9s 3h):


tru_juggalo has 9h Kc 9c Th 9s: three nines.
steelerjosh has Jd 7c 9c Th 8c: straight, jack high.
strait jack has 7s 6s 9c Th 8c: straight, ten high.

steelerjosh wins 4640 with straight, jack high.

I played aggressively and went on to win my second $1.10 SnG of the day.

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