Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Remember that show?

I do.

I think my parents may have watched it, it was kind of a hit during its run. If I recall, it was a bunch of thirtysomething yuppies and the drama that was their world.

They seemed old to me then. Now? Not so much.

I turned thirtysomething yesterday. It rained and I was sick. Harbinger of things to come? I hope not.

I know some of the fellow bloggers I play poker with have already passed this milestone, and some others (despite what a judge might guess) are still approaching. Some people let it pass without much thought or fanfare, others get a tattoo. Overall, I can't complain too much. I am healthy, have a great loving wife, and a great supportive family. Enough said.

For my birthday, my wife and her brother and his fiance took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant called House of Hunan in Medina, OH this past Saturday. We ate in the Tatami Room and had to take off our shoes. It was the kind of room and table where you sit on the floor...kind of authentic. The service and food was great and the best part of the evening was when I got two tickets to the Steelers v. Browns Sunday night game this November 13th. There will be 5 of us going down to tailgate and then cheer the Stillers past those stinky Browns. I can't wait. I LOVE tailgating in Pittsburgh and especially against their rivals... the Cleveland Browns. I have made the Pittsburgh v. Cleveland game the past 4 or 5 years and they are always good games. We hate the Browns and they hate us. Does it get any better than that?!!? I will get my face painted as usual and will be yelling belligerently while wearing my latest piece of Steelers paraphenilia... I have dubbed it the Hurtin' Helmet. When I put it on, even without any drinking, I immediately feel like drinking and yelling and tackling things. It is an instant and amazing transformation. So far, its use has been confined to home, the 13th will be its first real game use. "Who Rides? We Ride!!" Oh yeah Joey, you know it.

This is turning into a rambling post. My head is still a little fuzzy from being sick. I feel a weird sense of detachment from reality, and odd lightheadedness. I will conclude with some poker news.

I have been focusing on HU SNGs again and doing well. I felt lucky yesterday and took a shot at a Single Table $30 SNG. I won! The defining hand was when I called an all in with QQ and a big chip stack trying to knock out a short stack that came over top of me on the button. I was hoping to see AK or a smaller than KK pair. Doh! However, the poker gods smiled upon me and smote his wired Aces by giving my quad Queens. Talk about overkill.... I went on to win and credit all the HU play for getting me first. I was outchipped when we got to the final 2 by almost 2 to 1 and through steady and controlled pressure, I got all of his chips. I cashed out $100 to Neteller as some profit taking and kept the other $50 in UB. Nice.

Hope everyone else is having a good week and cracking with quads.


GaryC said...

Happy Birthday, Josh. Sounds like you got just exactly what you wanted. Very nice.

As for getting used to thirty-something, uh, it gets better, at least until you are staring 4-0 in the face.


DuggleBogey said...

You should win some kind of Hilton Sisters challenge for those were the days...the Grubby days.

I used to watch thirtysomething, even though I was just a twentysomething. It's no coincedence that the producers, Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick have gone on to become very successful big time movie producer/directors.

HUC said...

Happy Birthday! Man, you guys are all so old. I'll bring the Depends to Okie Vegas for youse all.

Nice job with the SNG and HU wins. I have to say that since you started blogging, it seems like your win rate has gone up dramatically. Keep it going, Steel. And while you are at it, maybe you and I can play a Heads Up match. I don't have $$ on UB, but now that you have $100 in Neteller, maybe you'll come back to Titan or try out Paradise or Royal Vegas.

kipper said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Congrats on the SnG!!

chipper said...

Happy Birthday Josh! I've passed the next milestone already and am well on my way to the half century mark. I was born in the closing stages of the 1950's. Age matters not! (or so they say). I still feel like I'm a 30 something.

Grats on the SNG.