Monday, March 20, 2006

Eveno with Veneno

Poker was goot this weekend. Played two SNGs and won one.

Played several HU matches and won all of those.

Played some Limit and had my hands stand up. Refreshing.

It is amazing how fun poker is when the cards are going your way. Even being the first person out of a $20 SNG did not faze me. (Note, I broke my own rule which led to this early demise. K7h in the BB and I get to see it for free. Flop comes 275 rainbow and I check it. 4 way action and it is checked all the way around. K on the turn with only two cards of any suit. I decide to pot it and get one caller. No warning bells here, I put him on a K with a decent kicker. River is a not a threat and I pot once more wanting to end it there. Opponent doubles my bet. Hmmm. Perhaps that should be a warning but aggressor Josh decides that my two top pair will handle this bidness and I shove myself (and him) all in. He makes the call and shows 22 for a nice set. I cannot remember the last time I was first out. This was also in the first two levels of a SNG and where I broke my rule. I think it is a well tested strategy to play only super cards the first three levels or so and then start playing some poker once the herd has thinned. I don't know what I was thinking, but I really did not expect him to turn over a set. I cannot see myself playing it that way, but the net result was that it worked out for him. He got a monkey to push all in with the second best hand.

While it was not my biggest win in money this weekend, the win against Veneno HU was a sweet victory. Once again, the deck seemed to favor me and I made some good reads on her. It was easy to call her aggressive play with Ax on a Q high board when I had pocket cowboys and she kept potting until she was all in. I would not exactly call it a trap, (she did have outs) but I knew she did not connect with the flop and my Kings were good. That win brought us to dead even with each other and minus $2 each to the house in rake. That ol house is a tough competitor and not easy to beat! As usual, a HU match against a blogger is much more interesting and mentally fun than the average comp at the $10 and $20 HU levels I favor. Thanks for the workout Veneno.

Lastly, I am pretty sure that anyone who keeps tabs on this blog is already aware of the HUC3, but just in case check this out:

Heads Up Challenge 3 - Where luck beats skill 2 out of 3.

I am looking to avenge my dismal performance in HUC2. Bring it on...

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