Sunday, March 05, 2006

TiltFest (aka, What should I call SirFWALGMAN's blog?)

Tonight was a tournament I was looking forward to all week, the Sir Old Farts Tiltfest. It was a great time, I started out of the gate hot!

I looked at AKo in the first hand and got it all in pre flop against DuggleBogey's 72s. I was sweating, but in hindsight I probably had nothing to worry about because it was suited. Those imposter hammers will hurt you. I figured it would be my one and only shot at being atop the leaderboard of a star studded event like this. Lotta talent.

As the game went on, I just sat and waited for hands..... but that got boring and this was a fun bunch so I decided to loosen up. I made some marginal calls and pushes, but I was here to gambool! Oddly enough (ok not really that odd), my favorite hand was a big suckout. I had been flooshed on twice and was getting frustrated. I forget how we got it all in, but it was me, the birthday boy, and Trauma (who flooshed on my earlier for a nice chunk). Menage trois, SteelerJosh style! A8s v JJ v AQ 8 on the flop, A on the river and I was tripled up into the lead again.

Apparently, I have also "earned" the right to rename Sir F's blog for a week. I woke up with JJ in the BB and he pushed all in from EP. JJ held up against 1010 and I did feel bad for taking him out... but took some strange solace in the fact that it was legit. He was having a rollercoaster of a game and and one point was big stackin' but STB and Mookie kept him in check.

Ran into AA twice when in the blinds or button and I had a pair. Not the recipe for success. 77 and 88 crashed into AA, the latter being my exit in 6th. Mookie was the benefactor, I really did not expect him to wake up with that. He probably popped a rod when I pushed all in on his reraise. In hindsight, I could have folded, I was 2nd or 3rd in chips, but I really did not put him on a hand. He played back at me twice earlier and folded to me once so I thought it could go my way. The A on the flop made him virtually suckout proof.

This was my first blogger tourney and it was all that I expected. I witnessed the Hammer take out AK. I sucked out. I got sucked out on. We laughed, we cried and it was fun. Thanks for getting older SirF and giving us an excuse to sling chips together.

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to point out that I won the last longer bet (that I just made up) with the GCox mafia. They are a fun and talented bunch, I am truly surprised that I was the last one. You all owe me a beer in Okie Vegas this June.


HighOnPoker said...


Or the "I lost to Josh Blog".

SirFWALGMan said...

I was hoping the Steelers fan would not win too, this must be the year of the Steelers!

Good game man.. even if you were dominated in every hand I went up against you with (just kidding!).. I got some nasty suckouts.. not running well, but thats the game.. the JJ hand was a good one.. just bad timing for my tens.

Good luck and let me know when you come up with a name. I am sirfwalgman on yahoo!