Thursday, March 23, 2006

Geek Milestone

It is official, I have achieved another geek notch in the belt of certifications. I passed the last required test to become an IBM Certified System Administrator 6/6.5 today. Soon I will have another fancy certificate to hang on my wall next to the existing Microsoft Certified System Engineer in NT 4.0, and the IBM Certified Associate System Administrator. Throw in a sprinkling of Dell hardware and Microsoft Office Specialist certificates and you have one nerdtastic wall decorated.

Nerd "I love me walls" aside, I am pretty proud of this one. There were not as many tests to pass as the MCSE, but there were enough of them. Add in the fact that many geeks consider Domino and Lotus admins to be practitioners of some strange black art and the cert gains some points. I don't think it will have any salary impact at work, but it will give some credibility and would aid in finding future employment (not that I am looking, my company is a great place to work (as evidenced by 8 consecutive years on the Fortune 100 Magazine list of 100 Best Places to Work)), but employers seem to like third party certifications in the tech industry. Bottom line is you have to be able to produce so paper tiger MCSEs and Lotus Admins will usually be caught pretty quickly.

I am hoping to parlay the excitement of passing the last test today into a win in the HUC3 tonight. I am fighting off some kind of bug and not at 100% right now, but hope is alive and well. I was able to register on Full Tilt and get some practice in on the site last night (by practice I mean getting used to the interface and losing some HU matches) and capped it off by winning a 4 person HU Shootout. The first match was tough, the second one was cruise control. Look out Donkey room, thanks Veneno, SteelerJosh, MCSE, IBMCSA, MCDLT, FBI,CIA is here to play!

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D said...

Congrats...and we all know who you are talking about when it comes to paper MCSE's. Those who can't surpervise.