Monday, March 06, 2006

If you were there

If you were there

This would make sense:

“10:11 – Mookie calls my 450 raise with the Mook and Mooks out on me.”
-live blogging excerpt from the blog yet to be renamed.

Mookie was fun to play with and was getting some good cards. I think Waffles commented at one point, “Luckbox always beats skill”. That was quite a poignant remark as I had battled a luckbox on Stars earlier in the day and come out on the very short end of the stick. It was impressive, I kept telling myself to keep playing tight and aggressive and those little electronic chips will come back to me…. and they probably will in the long run or if I had the fortitude to keep playing, but I did not. It was tough going, every hand was getting cracked by the same two alpacas. Same old song you read about on the other blogs, 83o, 46s, etc cracking my pocket AA, AK etc. It was just weird to experience. At least I have the bankroll and was playing at the correct level to take it in stride. I know that I want those players, but I need to learn to give them more credit when they check raise me on the river…. But my brain takes over and tells me, “SteelerJosh, your set of A’s is good dude! No way he called all the way to the river with only one heart on the flop. Re-Raise him or just at least call” and I do one or the other and marvel at my chips sliding away.

After spending some of my Sunday morning reading I am getting a little concerned about finding the right balance. It is moving, real stuff and I feel for Joe. Besides a scary dose of how it can go to shite so quickly, I take from his writing a warning to make sure I don’t fall into the same hole. I need to make sure I find the right balance with my hobbies and my wife. The balance has been shifted in her favor for a few months as I was frustrated with my poker results and started to drift away some. Now that I am back in it and having a blast with my other bloggers, I know I need to be careful and not discount or take my time with SteelerSteph for granted. It is by no means guaranteed, no matter how sunny it seems today. All the best to you Joe. You really sound like you have your head straight and you appear to have a great support network. Even though I don’t know him, I too feel for especially for AJ. That has got to be tough.

So, armed with Joe’s advice and my newfound luckbox skillz, I am looking forward to playing with more of you this week and my try my hand at a yosoyveneno HU match again. She gave me the free ticket to deposit $5 or $10 into her account anytime I want. Maybe it will go down that like Veneno… maybe.


TripJax said...

SirWTF? is my vote for blog rename. I'll try and think of some others...

mookie99 said...

So what are some of the names you are kicking around for the blog rename ? Brokeback Waffles ?

mookie99 said...

BTW, Long live the Mook (T8) !!

Veneno said...


How much?