Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Catching Up

It has been a very busy past two weeks off the virtual felt. I had some unplanned and unwanted excitement in my personal life that jolted me some. Without revealing information that my wife might not want to, I had to make a midnight dash from Detroit back to Ohio on my motorcycle to get to the hospital where she was recovering from an emergency surgery procedure. Left my house at 0415 in the morning to get to a training class in Detroit (cold, but awesome ride). Made it through the first of the three day class and headed to DNasty13's house to play some poker. Got a call from my wife that she was calling a friend to take her to the hospital, she was having sever abdominal pains and some bleeding. At 2200 I got the call that she was headed into surgery. I hopped on the bike, rode back to the hotel, checked out and was on the road back home to the hospital. It was to be a 3 hour procedure and I figured I could make it close to the end of it. Riding in the cold dark with nothing but my thoughts in my helmet, it was a tough ride. I arrived without incident (almost hit a group of deer crossing the road 1/4 mile from the hospital) and was relieved to find out that the worst case scenarios tormenting my brain for 3 hours had not played out. Steph was in recovery and doing as well as we could have hoped. I rode to the house, let out the dog, grabbed a blanket and headed back to the hospital. It was a long sleepless night there and she was finally discharged at 2 PM the next day. She is recovering now and we are hoping for the best...

That off my chest (but still in my mind) I have gotten some poker in during the past few days. I am sticking to my .25/.50 Limit game and I am starting to see some encouraging results and I feel I am making some breakthroughs. For one, I have really tightened up and this is having a very positive impact on my earnings. I am swimming with the fishies and not feeling like one anymore. I am taking some bad beats now and then, but overall I am playing ABC poker and seeing the results I want. I reread my Slansky Theory of Poker and have been practicing some concepts from there (especially about adjusting my game to the table conditions). I will post my March results below. They are positive and for the first time in a while I feel that I really can grow my bankroll to get into the higher limits. I am not playing any SNGs or other games until I get my UB bankroll above $200. I will edit this post tomorrow and post my March results on UB so far.

It was nice to get some time in tonight while watching doubleas and DevilFish play on UB. As I am typing this, my AA just got crushed when the river made my A high flush and someone else's straight flush. Nice.


Bazkar said...

Glad to hear all turned out as best it could with your wife. I'd imagine that was a tough ride. I hope all is well. Good Luck.

HighOnPoker said...

Sorry to hear about your wife's surgery, but I'm glad it turned out well. When DNasty has set up shop in FL, I'd like to get some sort of challenge set between the three (or more) of us. Limit challenge, tournament challenge, whatever. Just some friendly competition with a little bit of money on the line. Let me know if you are interested.