Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sometimes it's Easy


Hand #5850319-3271 at Grants Pass ($.25/$.50 Hold'em)
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Started at 19/May/05 19:57:41

Oneloosegoose is at seat 0 with $24.20.
twilson306 is at seat 1 with $23.75.
Card2005 is at seat 2 with $24.75.
scorpsdude is at seat 3 with $16.55.
GypsyJoe is at seat 4 with $5.
charity 42 is at seat 5 with $4.60.
bri 574 is at seat 6 with $16.65.
STeelerJosh is at seat 7 with $22.20.
chuang tsu is at seat 8 with $29.15.
giddyup99 is at seat 9 with $6.15.
The button is at seat 1.

Card2005 posts the small blind of $.10.
scorpsdude posts the big blind of $.25.
GypsyJoe posts out of turn for $.25.

Oneloosegoose: -- --
twilson306: -- --
Card2005: -- --
scorpsdude: -- --
GypsyJoe: -- --
charity 42: -- --
bri 574: -- --
STeelerJosh: As Ad
chuang tsu: -- --
giddyup99: -- --


GypsyJoe checks. charity 42 folds. bri 574 folds.
STeelerJosh raises to $.50. chuang tsu folds.
giddyup99 re-raises to $.75. Oneloosegoose folds.
twilson306 folds. Card2005 folds. scorpsdude folds.
GypsyJoe calls. STeelerJosh re-raises to $1.
giddyup99 calls. GypsyJoe calls.

Flop (board: 4h Th Qd):

GypsyJoe bets $.25. STeelerJosh raises to $.50.
giddyup99 folds. GypsyJoe calls.

Turn (board: 4h Th Qd Tc):

GypsyJoe bets $.50. STeelerJosh raises to $1.
GypsyJoe calls.

River (board: 4h Th Qd Tc 2s):

GypsyJoe bets $.50. STeelerJosh raises to $1.
GypsyJoe re-raises to $1.50. STeelerJosh calls. (Called here because I got scared he had x10... looking at the hand history again, it was pretty obvious he did not...but you never know)


GypsyJoe shows 9s Qc.
GypsyJoe has 9s Qc Th Qd Tc: two pair, queens and tens.
STeelerJosh shows As Ad.
STeelerJosh has As Ad Th Qd Tc: two pair, aces and tens.

Hand #5850319-3271 Summary:

$.45 is raked from a pot of $9.35.
STeelerJosh wins $8.90 with two pair, aces and tens.

This felt good because it was close on the heels of a bad beat that took me out of a 5 + .50 SNG.

I was dealt 44 in the BB, flop came 4Qx and I jam all in. Two callers! One has Q9 and proceeds to catch runner runner 9 and take me out. -1 SNG for the month.

Sat right down at another.... played 4 hands in 65+ hands. Raises got a lot of respect, but I was card dead. Finally got KK in the BB. Shortest stack goes all in from the SB. I jam over top of him (+200 chips over short stack) and a big stack calls from MP. KK vs 66 vs 33 Guess who tripled? Not me. Big stack flopped a 6 and we were both out. I finished 5th and short stack 6th. Still fun....

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