Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Move up in my Limit Challenge

Very surprised by the tighter play at the two tables I have played at so far. I know this is not a big sample, but the first table I sat down at with .50/1 Limit HE was the tightest limit table I have ever seen. I played about 70 hands and managed to scrape a few bucks, but there were no fish at this table (maybe me?). Every seat had a player that had a VP$ percentage of less than 30%, most in the teens and a preflop raise percentage of at least 4%. My usual fishies are VP$ 40+ and 0% Pre Flop raise. This was a little scary as an introduction to this level. In the lower limit, I was able to play mostly ABC poker and win quite a bit ($70, the magic number that let me move up levels). Will have to see how this goes. My hunch is it may have been an aberration, the second table I played about 60 hands at had a few fish, but after a mega suckout, I ended up only a few bucks as well. At least things are headed in the right direction.....up!

I plan to keep plugging away at the limit tables until I get to $500 and then will consider my next move. I am staying away from NL right now, too much variance and I want to get this bankroll growing. I am gaining experience at these tables with some reads and can try certain techniques or theories relatively cheaply. I hope that my initial experience was misleading and that there are easier tables to crack at this level. When I do move up (because this is not really applicable to limit, I am going to re-read this post and attempt to find opportunities to exercise it. Thanks to PokerNerd for a great post/idea:

Inflection Point

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SirFWALGMan said...

Hey Nice site. Will check it out some more. As far as going up the limits. Take it from someone who has grinded out 3K at one point in time:

A) Really try and stick with the 300BB rule. Downswings do happen. A "Safe" roll for 1/2 is really 600. However I am not going to tell you what to do, or at least expect you to listen.

B) The biggest difference in .50/1 to 1/2 and higher to a point is getting used to the jump in money. The pots seem bigger. The temporary downswings feel larger. Take a few days and get used to it.

Good luck man. I wish you the best.