Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

I have not gotten to play any poker that last few nights, household chores took priority. After edging and mulching all the beds (4 yards of black double shred dumped on my driveway), mowing, edging the sidewalk and driveway, and weed wacking for the first time this season....there was not much time/energy left for poker. I don't know if I will have the opportunity to get out there this weekend either, we are having the family in for the weekend.

I am pretty excited for everyone to come, it will be a full house. My parents are flying in from Baltimore, and my wife's parents driving in from Pittsburgh. Sister in law and boyfriend coming up from Kentucky, brother in law and fiance driving in from Columbus and youngest brother in law coming in from Shippensburg, PA. I really lucked out with the family I married into, they are a lot of fun and I was accepted and fit in very well. They are all very competitive and athletic and will play any game as long as there is a winner. They even invent games, I will have to explain how to play FrisDick on here someday. A sick, sick game. Anyway, they are a great bunch and I am looking forward to a weekend with lots of games (cards, volleyball, croquet, maybe even some low stakes poker) and great food, beer, and family. It is times like this that allow me to take a step back from my life and look around. It makes me appreciate all that SteelerSteph and I have and makes me happy that we can host a weekend like this and share it with family. Despite the suckouts and badbeats endured on the felt, I am a very lucky guy.

I have had some time this week to read some other blogs and catch up on DoubleAs. His last post was excellent but the one before it scared me a little. I was wondering how he was able to consistently post, play, and be a father.... seems like a lot of demands for limited time and perhaps it is catching up. He says that he is reaching a crossroad and there is not much left for him to write about other than information about his game that could be used against him. I can respect that, but the selfish side of me is hoping he does not change. His blog started out as a place to vent, reflect, and share. Perhaps it has served its purpose. Maybe my concerns are completely unfounded because right after the "crossroads" post he wrote his thoughts on applying pressure and the concept of it in NL.

If you come across this DoubleAs, thanks for all the ideas and inspiration I have received from your blog and I hope you continue.

Lastly, some recognition to HighOnPoker for his final table appearance in the Dr. Pauly freeroll. I did not get to sit at a table with him during the tourney (which might explain his survival to the final table!!) but I am sure I will in the future. Good job and congrats on your placing. Keep it up.

Here is a wish to anyone that reads this that you have a great extended weekend and enjoy your family and friends. If you have a spare moment, keep our veterans and those still serving in your thoughts too. We may not always agree with how the government directs our armed services, but the soldiers and sailors deserve our respect and thanks.

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