Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tourney Fun

I have been doing well staying at the .25/.50 Limit Hold Em tables so I decided to have a little fun a and play a tourney tonight. The wife is out of town, what else am I gonna do? Clean?

After reading the tourney recaps of other bloggers, I decided I would try taking notes for the first time and post a recap of the tourney. I have enjoyed this in other blogs, might be neat to try. I entered the very exclusive Wednesday 9:20 PM $5 +.50 $3500 Guaranteed Turbo Tournament. I was ready for some partying with the high rollers. It started well...

1st Hand - MP, 88. I make it 2x the BB and get one caller. Flop is 66K. I bet pot and took it down. +50

2nd Hand - MP, 99. I call and catch a 9 on the flop, bet pot. Once caller. Turn is junk, bet pot again, take it down. +150

Texas Fold 'Em until hand 18. AJs in EP. I make it 100. blinds are 30/60. Table chip leader that sat down two hands ago makes it 1140. For some reason I am suspicious and ready to gamble my $5.50. It is folded to me and I go all in. Chip leader thinks for a second, calls and turns over A10o. Sweet!! No 10 please.

Nobody pairs the board and I double up to T3360 and am in 48th place of the 664 that started (500+ left. Nice, going exactly as my evil plan said it would.

I bully when I have position and take a few pots, nothing major. Hand 37 someone drops the hammer and ends up all in with 2 sevens on the flop. I chuckle.

Hand 40 it goes horribly awry... I get KK in EP and bet pot (550). It folds to the SB who is chip leader. He puts me all in. I think. AA? Maybe, but I am still ready to gamble. I really do not think he has AA. I call All in and we flip. KK vs A8s. Cool, I am ready to double up again! (Warning - if you do not like seeing the carnage of KK busted heads up, stop reading). Flop come xAx and I am in trouble. No relief on turn or river and I am out 365th in the first hour.

Funny thing is, I was talking to DNasty13 earlier today about how well he seems to do in tournaments and that I would like to see him play one before he moves to FL. He is very tight and aggressive in tourneys, I thought that I should tighten up too. I had tonight, laying down some hands pre flop I might have tried to limp with in the past (KQo, J10s) and I was feeling good about. I am not sure what the pre flop odds were on my KK vs A8o. I am think it was better than a coin flip, but probably not by much. Same situation in the future, I think I would play it the same way, I do not know if I could lay that down.... What does anyone else think?

For the month on my .25/.50 tables that I have been religiously sticking to, I am up 11.10 with decent stats for me. My $VP is just under 30% and my BB/Hr is 1.22. Not ready to quit the job yet, but it is encouraging. I feel like I am building something, staying disciplined and learning while making a few dollars. It is a good feeling even on the nights when I watch maniacs play 80% plus of hands and just catch card after card to suckout and win large. My biggest session win is $14+ and the biggest session loss is $13+. I am winning 60% of my sessions. Hopefully it will be neat to look back at these numbers and laugh......

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