Sunday, September 11, 2005

$20 HU Challenge Completed

I finished the challenge this weekend. While it was a good moneymaker for me, it ended on a down note. I played over half of the games of the entire challenge in two days and I was running cold toward the end. I went 14-12 on Friday and Saturday. That is much cooler than the previous 24 games and brought down the entire challenge numbers. Overall, it was a good thing, I cleared almost $200 in profit and earned an 18% ROI. It was tough going this weekend, I wonder if I should start on the $30 right on the heels of my tough matches this weekend. I think I will wait for a little bit. Here are the final numbers:

W - L
31 - 19

Cash In - Cash Out
-$1,050 - $1,240


Win% - ROI
62.0% - 18%

Will keep you posted if a start a $30 or $50 HU SNG challenge. To borrow a term from Gary, my bankroll is on swoll from the challenge. I owe half of the roll to the profit in the challenge. Will try to keep building at some 3/6 or 5/10 Limit. See you out there....

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TripJax said...

Good job Josh. I still think, even with the slower 2nd half, those are good numbers. The law of averages - and variance - had its way with you in the end, but you clearly kept control. Good job.

Good luck in the HU Challenge. I know you need the right things to happen in order to make it, but you've still got a chance...

I'll be railing...