Thursday, September 08, 2005

GCox25 Victory

As I went to bed last night, I was going over the match in my head. I was not happy at all that I lost. I am not sure that I would have done too much differently. I made one or two crying calls and I missed some value bets on the river hoping to trap. GCox did not make too many stabs at a lightly contested pot without having a strong hand, he seemed ready to check them down. Will remember this if I make it to the next round with him. He won, so I will leave the write up to him. I will give myself the liberty of a short synopsis. I played well for over 200 hands and in the end got caught as the shorter stack with big blinds forcing my action. Gary played patiently and well.

In the second round, it looks like I have my work cut out for me now. I have to beat TripJax and Mourn to have a chance to advance. This is doable, but will be tough and will more than likely require some luck. Wish me luck.

Lastly, I got one match in for the $20 HU Challenge tonight and I won a pretty quick one against steelerscott again. STeelerJosh - 2. steelerscott - 0. Yay.

Stats as I get close to the halfway game:

W - L
17 - 7


Win% - ROI
70.8% - 35%

Happy to still be hanging around the 70% win rate. If I can maintain that through 25 more matches, this will be a pretty profitable challenge. It has already boosted my UB bankroll to new heights.


GaryC said...

Congrats on the bankroll advancement. I am spiraling upward toward new heights myself.

As for our match, you know the old saying, I'd rather be lucky than good. That match could have gone either way at any time. For the first 150 hands, I felt like I was running poorly and just caught some better cards toward the end. Still a great match. You played just as well as me.

Good luck with the other two matches. Maybe we can make it 2-1 for everybody and play it off for the finals.


TripJax said...

I'm very impressed with your personal HU numbers. Gives me hope. I was ready to start my 100, $10 HU matches, but I instead must make some purchase for the home (read: washer) so that will just have to wait. In the meantime, I've been growing the small bankroll I have with $5 HU matches. If I can get it high enough I'll move up to the $10's and go from there.

Can't wait for our match...maybe tonight??!!

HighOnPoker said...

Very impressive HU record. Damn, Josh, you never cease to amaze. Keep it up. You are making me consider my own private HU challenge.