Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mrs. STeelerJosh

I may have planted the seeds of a monster (I don't want to have to fight for computer time on my own computer), but the Mrs. was having a tough week so I suggested she try to some online poker to get her mind off things. She knows how to play poker and is an excellent live game player. She is in sales and is very good at reading people. She points out tells to me when watching poker on tv!! This will handicap her at online, but I was pretty confident she could hang.

First game ever was a $1.10 6 person SNG. She went out 4th and the action and the betting was a little too fast for her to comprehend. Excited by the taste, she wanted more. I suggested a HU match. She had found her home....

Match 1. She dominated the whole way. It was prolonged a little when the opponent hit their two outer on the river while all in. SteelerSteph had a good read on her and was ahead when she got her all in. She was in the lead almost the entire match and played very aggressively. My proudest moment was when she was faced with a river scare card and said, "I don't know what to do....." and 2 seconds later bet pot (720 chips) they folded and she won. The aggression seems to come naturally to her.

Match 2. Emboldened by her first victory, she wanted more. This was a tougher match against a better player than the first. Is she a natural? Should she start her own blog? You tell me. Here was the pivotal hand of the match that she went on to win:

steelersteph is at seat 1 with 1045.

steelersteph posts the small blind of 20.
turando posts the big blind of 40.

turando: -- --
steelersteph: 7c 2c


steelersteph calls. turando checks.

Flop (board: 7h 4h Ts):

turando bets 40. steelersteph calls.

Turn (board: 7h 4h Ts 9c):

turando bets 40. steelersteph calls.

River (board: 7h 4h Ts 9c 2s):

turando bets 240. steelersteph raises to 480.
turando calls.


steelersteph shows 7c 2c.
steelersteph has 7c 2c 7h Ts 2s: two pair, sevens and deuces.
turando mucks cards.
(turando has Ac 7d.)

Hand #8288761-56 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
steelersteph wins 1200 with two pair, sevens and deuces.


So, that was the morning in the Steeler household. Hopefully the winning will continue on the football field tomorrow.

Quick HU Challenge Update:

I got a lot of games in last night, but the variance was high. I was a net winner, but had some bad beats and my win % dropped some.

W - L
25 - 12


Win% - ROI
67.6% - 29%

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GaryC said...

Damn, she's a natural.

Always trust the power of the hammer.

Go Steph!