Monday, September 05, 2005

HU Battles

I am finding that the competition is much tougher on week nights. The matches last longer and are tougher to win. I played 4 matches tonight for a 3-1 record, with one of those being a rematch. Twice the guy rivered and sucked out on me in pots where he as all in and behind when he got in that situation. He ended up winning and I challenged him to a rematch. I asked him if he thought his luck would continue. It did not. Sweet revenge, but now I was stuck $2 for the rake.

I also played some 2/4 just to spice things up and work off a bonus. The limit hold em games still seem like a grind... just wait for good cards and play them aggressively. Easier said than done sometimes, but a winning method at the lower and mid levels it seems.

I am still running well at the HU matches, they have really increased my bankroll. I am starting to get a real feel for some of my opponents as the games progress and make good calls, good laydowns, and good bluffs. So far I am still convinced that the better player will win these HU matches. There is some variance and some runs of cards within the individual matches, but as many go over 100 hands, I think it comes down to some skill. Luck is still a factor, but you get to pick your spots much more easily with these as you do not have to worry about the maniac to your left pushing you out of pots. You can also manipulate your better opponents more easily becuase they are paying more attention than the usual amount I see in the ring games.

I hope I don't eat my words before the end of this challenge about the skill and variance, so I am thinking of setting a stop loss amount just in case. The matches have been fun, great practice, and profitable. I plan to complete the 50, but in case it runs very badly, very quickly, I will have to think about and set a figure to punch out.

Here is the latest at almost the halfway mark:

W - L
16 - 7


Win% - ROI
69.6% - 33%


HighOnPoker said...

Nice job with the personal HU challenge. Keep up the good work.

I'd imagine the weekend has more recreational players. The weekdays probably have more serious players. That, generally, is something to think about when playing.

GaryC said...

Nothing at all wrong with those numbers, Josh. After playing you heads up, I would imagine that you could sustain those numbers throughout your entire challenge.

You are spot on about picking up things (tells) in the HU matches. I definitely pay more attention because the action is so much faster. I think every player playing HU is paying more attention also, making it necessary to change up betting patterns, etc.