Monday, April 18, 2005

AC recap

Where to start? I guess at the beginning....

The ride in Friday morning was eventful. The wind was really picking up and the "pucker factor" was high several times as I was blown several feet in my lane. I also encountered a closed road due to an accident, but the GPS rerouted me just fine. Making my way across the causeway into AC was pretty hairy, it was so windy at this point that street lights were being blown sideways and I really had to fight the bike and the wind to keep upright. I finally arrived at our "Quality" Inn (the term is used loosely here) and discovered the parking lot full of vehicles with Maryland plates, my brothers and friends had already arrived. I called them up to get a room number and so it began....

The Crew -
Jared "sheriff" - youngest brother, reason for the party.
Stefan "Spoof Dawg" - middle brother, showed up in a wheelchair for this trip,
Matt "Spermy" - friend and designated wheelchair pusher for the weekend,
Rob - cousin, wearing a pink shirt
Dietz - friend with a mild case of tourrettes (or so it seemed)
Fisco - friend that pulled the beer cooler all around AC
Eric - friend that had to give his switchblade to my dad to get into the nudie bar
Chris - ditto
Dad - carried the switchblades back to hotel when he punched out for the evening
Myself - dropped mad $$$$ at Bare Exposure, but all for a good cause

After a trip to the closest McDonald's for some lunch (alcohol absorber), we passed a Salvation Army store on the way back. In his wheel chair Stefan bought a local landscaper Tshirt for .99 that had the following on the back, "If we did not do your paving, it's your own Ass-Phalt". Nice. Jared left wearing a little kids cowboy hat with a red plastic "sheriff" Star on the front and a string that went under his neck. It spent the entire weekend on his head. I left amazed at the company I keep.

After some drinking, we decided to hit the casinos. We walked/wheeled the very chilly 6-7 blocks to the Hilton Casino but had to stop at a gas station and put air in the tires of Stefan's wheel chair. The hispanic gentlemen staffing the garage did not know what to make of this and nicely offered to change his oil. We declined. Who knew that wheelchairs had tubed tires? Anyway, now that Stefan was getting the proper mpg on his ride, we hit the Hilton. After some good hands in blackjack and some lucky colors on Roulette I left up $150. Sometime during our visit here, Dad joined us after driving up from DC. Next stop, Tropicana.

Same story here, BJ and Roulette, up another $100. Time for some dinner. In addition to being wheelchair bound (kind of) for this trip, he also has some strict dietary demands. He cannot have anything with gluten (which is in almost everything) so we have to be picky where we eat. We ended up at the Rainforest Cafe and Dad picked up the tab. Thanks much Dad, it was appreciated. From the advice of a server and confirmation from a busboy, we headed to Bare Exposure. It was all downhill from there!!

to be continued.....

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