Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New Strategy

Despite myself, I loaded some more money on UB because I wanted to play some tourneys. Busted out of 40 and a 20 Monday night playing with my buddy DNasty. Now that I had some cash on UB again, I decided that my new strategy will be to not go above the nickel/dime NL tables until I grow the bankroll to $300.

The gamesmanship is not too bad at this level and there seem to be plenty of fish (according to my Poker Tracker) although last night they were taking my money! KK busted by 99, trip J's broken by a flush by a calling station that I could not push out. Oh well. I delivered a bad beat or two myself so I do not get too worked up. I was yelling at my monitor though.... I never cry about those beats in the chat window though, I can't stand people that do that, there is no point to it. If people are making "bad" plays, I think it should be encouraged. They risked their chips and if you are playing right, more often than not they will become your chips. That said, I was down probably 12 bucks for the night.

I am pumped to try my strategy and see if I can make some nice results. Anytime spent on the virtual felt can be used to learn, try and perfect new strategies, and prepare for the next level. I still feel like a fish sometimes with my tendency to make crying calls or push my top pair on the flop and run into a pocket pair that hit. I am not sure how I am going to work on that, but I think that my aggressiveness will pay off in the long run and I continue to try and make my reads of the betting patterns of my opponents.

Thanks for those that have stopped by and made comments, I read them all. I am wondering if I should turn off to post anon, esp. if I get more comments like the D-bag that posted some American Pie gibberish.

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