Friday, April 15, 2005

Traveling Man

I left Ohio around 11:30AM yesterday faced with 218 miles of slab. Booooo. Highway riding is boring, even on a motorcycle. Once I finished off Interstate 80 and all 218 boring (but fast) miles of it, I got off on 322 East at State College. I saw the stadium as I was going past the school and the sounds of the games I attended there echoed through my helmeted head. "WE ARE"... "PENN STATE" Good times.

Anyway, I meandered my way through central PA down to Harrisburg where I got onto I-83/I-81 and it was a parking lot. My original plan was go get closer to AC before calling it a night, but this sucked. I turned off the bike, put it in gear and just leaned back and tried to relax. Nice plan but traffic was moving just enough that I would have to crawl forward every 15 seconds. For a little bit, I was on a downhill and left the engine off, just pulling in the clutch and giving a little push with the feet. Eventually, I just said screw it. I hit up the GPS for the nearest Hilton and called and checked to see if they had a. a room, b. high speed internet. Check, Check, and I was in. 10 minutes later I got to the hotel around 5:45. It was a good days ride, I am only 2.5 hours from AC.

Stopped in a tiny PA city with nothing todo, a laptop, a high speed connection, what can you do? Online Poker! I played a lot last night, I think the feeling that money is about to lose its value as I plan on spreading the cheese in AC affected my game. I played a lot and am only down ~20 for the night. I played a Limit tourney, 2 NL tourneys (33 worth of buy ins) and a heads up 10+1 tourney. I did not make the money in any of these. While playing or in between all these I was playing .05/.10 NL and people kept insisting on doubling me up!! So, that is how I ended 20 down. I busted out of the last tourney, loaded 10 on nickel dime and lost it. I played the heads up game to see if I could win it back quickly, but failed. Oh well. My best hand of the night was pocket KK and his twin brothers that came on the flop! Yeah, I slowplayed the hell out of it hoping someone would hit one of the other cards and they did! Woo hoo, betting into my quads? Yes sir, go right ahead.

The worst hand was my pocket 99 that ran into pocket KK in a tourney. I pushed pretty hard, and ran into a KK. All in preflop, I hit a 9 on the flop. YES!! Turn card is a K. NO!! Out, 73rd of 200 something. The salt in the wound was DNasty13 was playing in the same tourney and we had 5 bucks on first on out. We are now even. Congrats D, I hope your roll continues.

Just checked the weather and the bank website. Both were looking good, so I am back on the road. Don't think the hotel in AC has Internet, but if it does, I will try to post from there.

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