Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Morning Play

First, a little more about my game. I am small time, still learning. My biggest wins online have come from $50/5 SNGs on PP. I have played three of them and placed in every single one. (2nd in first one, 1st in second one, and 3rd in third one). I am hesitant to keep playing these because they are a steep entry fee relative to my bankroll which I am going to make an effort to grow. Those three games have helped get me back to even with PP where I have been playing since August of 2004.

In the past week, I created my account on UB and loaded some money with NeTeller. I loaded $150 on Sunday, April 3rd. The first week on UB has not been kind and I played pretty irresponsibly. After have my trip 7s cracked by a straight in a $50 heads up game, I lost a lot chasing. This is a perfect example of what happened this week on UB. I really like their interface, buddy tool, and information so I am going to play more there. They also offer a lot of games that PP did not such as heads up. I think I was a little cocky and then started chasing after I was losing and..... long story short, I did not have my first win until this morning - 2nd place in a 6 person $5 SNG. Woo hoo, but it was a positive.

After that, I entered a 10 person $5 SNG and busted out early. Down to my last $1.32 (not loading more money until next payday) I played some .01/.02 NL Hold 'Em (max buy in $2) and things started to turn around. I stood up after an hour and a half with 6.38. Excited by this turn of events, I ventured back to the Heads Up SNGs (an area I discovered I really need work) and won my first HU SNG. Perhaps the worm is turning.

One other thing I did this morning was purchase PokerTracker. I have never tracked my game or wins/losses seriously. I kept track of my overall money by using the Cashier history at PP!! Add up deposits, subtract withdraws.... overall $50 dollar loser since August. That simply will not cut it if I want to improve my game and grow my bankroll. $55.00 seemed like a fair price and worthwhile investment. We will see how it goes.

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