Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Poker and Bike

My ST turned 15 today. I got her when she was almost 8 and have put 7,000 awesome miles on her since October of 2003. The longest single trip was into West Virginia and then down into Baltimore and back to Ohio over a weekend. I am planning on doing that ride again this year, WV has some awesome roads! I am going to keep an eye on the weather because I am thinking about riding to Atlantic City, NJ this weekend for my little brother's bachelor party. I took off Thursday and Friday from work so I can take my time riding in and find some cool roads. Will set the GPS to avoid Toll Roads for sure! If the weather cooperates (no big storms/wind) I will be living the good life. (and saving some gambling money that I would have spent on gas)

As far as poker, I got a fair amount in today but was never really up or down until the end of the night. I was back and forth on a .10/.25 NL table until my AKs ran into AA. -20 which leaves me down roughly 20 for the day. I hope that Derek is having better luck. I had several big hands not go my way tonight but was stealing a lot of blinds and hands that kept getting me back to where I started. Hmmm. Will have to review my big losers tonight. I did fold QQ, but held onto a losing 66. Still learning, and bankroll is down, but not out.

Post Script - I was feeling "lucky" (stupid?) and did not want to go to bed with 1/3 of my bankroll missing so I anted 5.50 for a 10 person Turbo SNG and won, clearing 19.50 to bring the bankroll back in line. I will not get any Internet Poker in this weekend so being back at 40 would have bothered me!


HighOnPoker said...

Hey. Thanks for posting on my site. Do you want to link our sites up? I'm definitely down for that.

Nice site, by the way. I look forward to reading more from you.

PS- I'll see what I can do about the online gambling paper. Thanks for the encouragement.

D said...

Where is the love man...playing online and you dont hit me up!!! JK...