Wednesday, June 15, 2005

1/2 on UB remains my Huckleberry

I am at it again on the 1/2 tables on UB. I entered them with much more confidence but it was shaken again. Back to .50/1.00. I know I will be back, but it is frustrating. True there are very few "fish" I have seen at this level, but I keep getting frustrating beats like set over set, suckouts, etc. After two losing sessions this evening, I decided to pony up 14 for a TEC SNG. Playing as a type this. Decided to have a little fun (like it used to be!!), hoping for the best. If DNasty or HighOnPoker make it to this game before their deadline, I think it will be anyone's game. The swings are much greater and the losses sting more. GL to both of you.

Update - My perfect record on UB SNGs is shattered!

Final Hand:
Hand #6522474-84 at EntryChip-401e (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)
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Started at 15/Jun/05 21:30:04

jimlo is at seat 0 with 5450.
STeelerJosh is at seat 1 with 9550.
The button is at seat 0.

jimlo posts the small blind of 100.
STeelerJosh posts the big blind of 200.

jimlo: -- --
STeelerJosh: Ah Kd


jimlo raises to 400. STeelerJosh re-raises to 1200.
jimlo calls.

Flop (board: 6c 4s 4c):

STeelerJosh bets 2400. jimlo calls.

Turn (board: 6c 4s 4c 2h):

STeelerJosh goes all-in for 5950. jimlo goes all-in
for 1850. STeelerJosh is returned 4100 (uncalled).

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

jimlo shows Ad 9s.
STeelerJosh shows Ah Kd.

River (board: 6c 4s 4c 2h Js):


jimlo has Ad 9s 4s 4c Js: a pair of fours.
STeelerJosh has Ah Kd 4s 4c Js: a pair of fours.

STeelerJosh wins 10900 with a pair of fours.>

STeelerJosh wins $10 and 1 TEC

Did I mention that I hate AK? I think I tend to overvalue it, but HU, I felt I had to press.


HighOnPoker said...

Whats a TEC? I don't use UB...yet.

STeelerJosh said...

TEC = Tournament Entry Chip. I can use it to enter a tournament with a $100 buy in. This is the first one I have won, need to find out if it is good for SNGs or just big tournies. DNasty won one (I think his wife did for him) and used it in a $25,000 Garaunteed. Not bad if I can parlay $14 into the money in tourney.