Thursday, June 23, 2005

Royal Vegas Poker

Have not had a chance to play much online poker this week. I did get some 1/2 NL at Greektown Casino in Detroit. It was going well until I ran into slowplayed AA. The table had been very tight, so I guess I should not have been so surprised... but I would have loved to have sucked out on him for slowplaying. My KJo hit a J on the flop and his raise of $30 after a call preflop from EP did not worry me when I had TP and a good kicker. I thought the bet was odd, maybe he had a J so I pushed all in. I had him covered, but it ate my profits and dipped into the bankroll when he showed AA and I did not improve. Fun time nonetheles.

Lastly, I am proud of my bankroll on Royal Vegas Poker. In comparison to DNasty's gain, it pales, but I turned a free $10 into over $200 so far and it seems that my losing sessions there are far and in between. I have found that I really enjoy the 5 person SNG they offer. The time investment is minimal and the payout structure favors the tighter player. 3 places pay, third pays the buy-in minus the fee. (i.e. a $50+5 pays $50 for 3rd) I have only busted out of one tourney (4th) and have placed second in a bunch winning 1 or 2. It keeps the bankroll headed up, a good thing as far as I am concerned. It is also a change of pace from the Limit Grind Challenge. I have been slacking in that because I have been winning on Royal Vegas. A few bad trips there and I am sure I will be back on UB at work. As DNasty and HighOnPoker draw near the end if their challenge, my money is on Jordan. He seems to be playing more than D and I can see the same feelings in his posts that where in mine before I hit the 1/2 brick wall. I hope his experience is different, but if it is similar, D might have a chance still. Good luck to both of you.

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