Sunday, June 19, 2005

Royal Vegas Poker Tournament

25+2.50 Entry for a 4,000 guaranteed

176 players

Before I get into the tourney, this hand happened early and it was painful to watch.

Look at this horrendous bad beat. A one outer!

> Game # 392,138,709 starting.
> Dealing Hole Cards
> rick047422 called for 30
> pjnow99 called for 30
> sanderfr called for 30
> rickytrickyt called for 30
> Jonkeboy called for 15
> STelerJosh checked
> Dealing the Flop(A23)
> rick047422 bet for 30
> pjnow99 folded
> sanderfr raised for 150
> rickytrickyt folded
> Jonkeboy raised for 270
> STelerJosh folded
> rick047422 went all-in for 1,060
> sanderfr folded
> Jonkeboy went all-in for 790
> Extra chips returned to rick047422, 30

Both Players flip. Jonkeboy has a dominating 33 for a set and rick has 22 for the under set.

> Dealing the turn(9)
> Dealing the river(2)
> rick047422 wins 2,450 with Four of a Kind, Deuces
> Jonkeboy has left the tournament in 144th place

Trip 3's over trip 2's and a 2 falls on the river. Wow.

[Observer]Jonkeboy> is it for real?
STelerJosh> ouch

Here is my tournament log, last time I tried this, it went awry mid way through. It helps keep me focused, so I tried it again.

Level 1 10/20 Blinds: Played one hand AQo, folded to my raise. Won the blinds

Level 2 15/30 Blinds: No hands played. 1,470 chips

Level 3 25/50 Blinds: KK one seat before button, raise 200 (Pot), one short stack reraise all in 200. I Call. KK vs A5o. A on flop, I am down to 945 chips 98 of 109 remaining. Need some card help here.. Damn it. A7o in SB and complete for three handed. Fold to big river bet. Next Hand, AA on Button, AA vs QQ. They hold up. Whew. 1,915 chips. Two hands later, 99. Raise to 150. No callers. 1,945 chips. 57 out of 93.

Level 4 50/100 Blinds: AJo in BB. 2,695 chips. Still running middle to bottom of pack. Avg. Stack is 3,277. 45 out of 80 players. AJs, raise to 400, no callers. Win blinds. 2,795. Large stack is 17,755. Q7 in BB, flop is A77. Check, and raise 1170. I hope someone has that A. I call the all in bet (made by an A I hope). Dolla Dolla, yup, I am ahead. Turn is another 7 for overkill. The Quads get me to 5,890. 11th out of 72. Try to steal short stack blind and he reraises all in. Lose 200. 5,690.

Level 5 75/150 Blinds: Start level 10 out of 71. Fold QJs two hands in a row. Glad I did, both times someone else went all in. Wouldn't mind seeing a cheap flop with that, but.... AJs raise 600. Short stack pushes all in. Complete for 290. AJs vs 88. Turn a J and 6,805 chips now. Still in 10th with 67 remaining. Chip Leader just sat down at my table with 17k in chips, Q4 in BB, check and flop Q4x. Bet 450, take it down. 7,105. 12 out of 64. The top 20 pays. Work to do. Stay tight and aggressive. Avoid tangling with chip leader unless I have the nuts. Play J9 from BB when checked to me and F Up with a OESD on the flop. Don't improve, pair of 10 beats my pair of 9. 5,605 chips at break, 17 out of 55. Damn. I am nervous. Grab a glass of water and crank up the Dave Matthews. Wish myself luck cuz the dog and cat cannot and, this is for you DNasty...."The wife is out of town". Have to admit, I am thinking of DNasty and his first tournament win on here. I would be pleased with a final table seat, cannot imagine winning. I don't know how D does it. Impressive that he has cashed over 2k in two tourney final tables. Go D Go.

Level 6 100/200 Blinds: Fold K10s reluctantly. I don't know why that hand looked good to me and required a second thought. Glad I folded, two players all in AK vs AJ. AK wins and takes second in chips. I have some big stacks at my table. Wow, 2 hands later, K10s again. (Hearts both times.) Fold easier this time. 15 out of 44, stack is below 6k average - 5,330. AKo, raise to 800. xK9 flop. I raise to 1,200, reraised to 2,400. call. Turn is an A, I push all in. Caller has K9. I double and have 11,160. 8 out of 39. Fold pocket 66 when out of position.

Level 7 150/300 Blinds: Chip leader is now 25,615....I have 10,860. 8/36. Drop to 11/32, no hands this level yet. 4 mins remaining. 9/30 as level 7 expires without playing a hand.

Level 8 200/400 Blinds: 55 on the button, raised in front of me. I fold avoiding a run in with KK. Whew! Fold K10o without even thinking about it. I still have enough chips to wait for the right time. 13/26 with 9,810 chips. String of crap cards. Try to steal with 33, big stack bullies me all in. Fold. 7,610 chips. This guy is really pushing hard. 14/24, hope I get some cards soon. 16/23. Come on cards. I think I will be called no matter how much I push in. Will have to get lucky or just get by. So close, almost two tables. Patience Josh, Patience. You will get you AA beat by 72 anyway! Relax!

Level 9 300/600 Blinds. AQo first hand, my favorite hand. Beat an all in by KK with A on flop. We were all in pre flop. Whew again. 15,520 chips. 6/23 Starting Hand for Hand Play. 6/22, top 20 pay. Fold KJs... wanted to call. Getting better at this discipline thing. Would have won, but table bully is making it next to impossible to see a cheap flop. Can't blame him, but it can get frustrating. K9s in BB. It is folded to me, amazing. I get my blind back. 15,220 after the blinds pass. 8/22. Come on bubble, pop!!! I also just noticed that I have not moved tables the whole game. I like that. 9/22 Come on short stacks, catch some nice hole cards. Short stack is 585. High is 27k. KQo on button. Fold to 2k bet. Damn bully is in the BB and I cannot be sure he will not push all in. Would have liked to call. 9/22 with 14,320 as we get into level 10.

Level 10 400/800 Blinds, Short stacks still hanging tough. I am not playing a hand unless I am in the money now. They have to go soon, right? Right? 9/21. One more. 9 out of 20, in the money....honey! Next goal is to make it to the top 5. The money starts getting nice there. Sweet! The bully just busted out. He was a Swedish A-Hole with the screenname "VildBill" Then he spammed the chat. I had trouble seeing what he busted out with. His 66 vs 9x. Board of 933 when he pushed all in on the turn. Bye Bye!! 3 mins left in level 10 and I am 10/17. Was just tempted by QJ suited....Resisted. A4o in the BB. Fold to 2,400 raise from MP. 13,120 in chips, 10/17 as we get into the second break. 12AM here, starting to feel the day I had. Rode ST down to a GoldWing event in Ashland, OH with buddy that rides a wing. Mowed the lawn before it rained. Going to go get some more water.

Level 11 500/1000 Blinds ...Ouch!, No need to rush though, I can do several orbits before I get desperate, and I may even get to keep my blinds now and then. Tempted to steal, but do not want to bust out on a stupid steal. Uh Oh, AKs in the SB. Stack o chips to my left... should I push? I do and then have to call an all in by smaller stack. AK vs AJ. I hold up. 19,760 in chips. 7/15 No stupid shit Josh. Just watched K10 bust AA, not as bad as first bad beat. K on the flop, 10 on the river. Ouch. 8/14. Steal the blinds with AJo. 19,760. 2:30 left in level 11. 8/14 with 18,260 in chips. Fold AJo to 4xBB raise. Had position, gonna wait a little longer as I have just moved below average stack of 19k. Last hand of the level is the Hammer in the BB!! Folded to me and I show. That seems to be a good omen.

Level 12 600/1200 Blinds: I start the level 8/13 with 18k in chips. Folding good hands is killing me, but I know that I will have to pick one to stand on eventually. Just folded A10s to a raise from EP and the button went all in with AK. Fortuitous raise and fold. Want to try steal, but the BB has a grudge against me and more chips. I doubled up with my AK vs his K9 earlier. May have to wait to see if we are moved before I make any SB moves. 8/12 and falling farther below average. Chip leader is 46k. I have 16k and no cards in position. These blinds are starting to really pinch. 8/11. Need a hand here. 9/11, 12K chips. Steal blind from grudge buddy. 14.5k in chips. 1 min in level left, 8/11. 99 in the BB. Win without showing last hand of level.

Level 13 800/1,600 Blinds: Start with 22.9k 5/11. Still below average in chip count. A10 all in vs Q 10 with 10 on board. Sweet! Board gets trips and we split. Booo. 6/10 after I make a few bucks with AKs. 26k in chips. 9 players left. Excitement is building. Still have the feeling like it will go horribly wrong... 5/9. Goal is reachable. If I make 5, will shoot for 1. Come on Dave Matthews, get me through this.... 1 min left in this level. Holy crap, how much higher can the blinds get?

Level 14 1,000/2,000 Blinds: Start the level 5/9 with 24k in chips. AKo in the BB. Making a move. Dumbass player pushes me out of pot, we both called a short stack. The short stack ended up with quads so it was a moot point, but why not check it to the river? That is an unwritten rule in poker known by any tourney player worth a clay chip. Don't bet into a dry side pot. Idiot and when I asked him why and told him it was dumb move, the rail birds started chirping. Oh well. I am crippled now and will have to make a move with decent cards. Here they are, all in with 10 10. They same idiot that did not have the nuts and we tripled up the short stack makes another Donkey play. He finished me off after betting out another player by betting into dry side pot and gets lucky on the river. Almost had it:

> STelerJosh went all-in for 6,791.25
> millers132 folded
> amexos folded
> RonnyD folded
[Observer]reverend85> all in josh....make me and * proud!!!!!!!!!
> WolvesFI raised for 8,791.25
[Observer]skillsnils> aj..
> Harriis called for 4,791.25
> Dealing the Flop(8?6?6?)
> WolvesFI bet for 10,000
> Harriis folded
> Extra chips returned to WolvesFI, 10,000
> Dealing the turn(8?)
> Dealing the river(Q?)
> WolvesFI wins 29,373.75 with Two Pair, Queens over Eights
> STelerJosh has left the tournament in 8th place, winning $110.62

Dumb ass did it again. He got very lucky, I would have loved it if he had not gotten lucky and Harriis would have been able to beat me. I am amazed that I see that kind of donkey play at a final table. He then busted out two positions later. I can't believe he made it that far. He was only alive still because of a very lucky 4 on a river giving each of us a full house earlier at the final table. WolvesFI you stink.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my play and the amazing part is it is all profit. The $10 I started with on the site was free for installing the software. And I now have some seed money to try other tournaments. Overall, the play seems pretty weak on this site, a lot of European players, not sure if that is why. Will keep playing until the well is dry. Doing better on when compared to UB.


HighOnPoker said...

Congrats on the win, and a great write-up to boot. I might steal your format in the future. Sounds like you and DNasty are getting into the MTTs. After the limit challenge, I might have to try it myself.

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