Friday, June 17, 2005

UB 1/2 = Kryptonite

It is a stretch to compare the Man of Steel to myself (Man of Too Much Pizza and Beer) but we both become powerless when exposed to a seemingly harmless object.

I cannot beat 1/2 on UB with any consistency. I find this frustrating because other levels have seemed pretty easy and the cards came often enough. I am not sure if it is my perception, or if I am not getting any cards at 1/2 and if I do, they miss the flop by a mile. Last night I paid off way too many times to the marked fish I had to my left. I chose the table because he was there and it turned out his luck was amazing. He was playing over half his hands (56% to be exact) and was very passive. I was playing tight aggressive and twice I got good hole cards in the SB and bet into his BB. The first time with AQo to his 7xo. I bet all the way to the river, he spikes a 7 on the river and takes the pot. It happens. The next time I have A6s in the SB and it is folded to me. I complete because I know that he will not raise and I want to see the flop. A6x rainbow. "Ha Ha", I think to myself. "I am not going to try any funny stuff, and I hope he caught a piece of that." I bet, he raises, I reraise and he completes. Turn is a rag. I bet, he calls. River is a 9, I bet, he raises. "Hmmm, no straight of flush draw on the board. He has to have two pair or was sitting on pocket 9's and made his set" I call with that bad feeling, but I cannot put it past him making a move with two pair or a single pair. Showdown he flips A9 to beat my flopped two pair of A6. I love it.

That was par for the course as I sat down with $90 and stood up with $70. Time to become a lower limit dweller again. I know that I will eventually beat this game, but it has become my nemesis for the time being.


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