Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Road to Recovery

Well, I appear to have made it through the bad run (knock on wood). I am disappointed that I lost so much of the ground I had gained, but pleased that I did not tilt my entire stack away and I stuck to the limit challenge rules. That is what saved me I am sure. I do not know the exact lowest the bankroll was, but I think it may have been a dollar or two shy of $25 at one point and I started building back up. Still about $40 short of my high water mark, but running well again.

I supplemented the Limit play with some cheap NL Hold 'Em. I saw a fish that I really beat up on when I first installed UB. He has been playing the Play chip tables recently so when I saw him on .05/.10 NL, I jumped at the chance. He is my third all time money maker on UB (I love looking at that stat in Poker Tracker). I figured my exposure was limited ($10 or $25 max buy in) and he was worth it. I doubled up twice on some maniac from France at the same table and got my marked fish's buy in. It helped that I was actually hitting some flops and I played very tightly. The French guy even typed that he "did not believe I had it AGAIN" and proceeded to call my bet that put him all in the second time that session. I made a believer of him and it felt great!!

I am back at the 1/2 tables with a nice start on my first trip back. Almost the exact opposite of the session that started this downward spiral..... Up $36 in 90 hands of play with only 5 show downs (and I was 4/5). My tight aggressive play was getting a lot of respect and I was hitting many of my flops, or had a good read that would allow me to manipulate the few calling stations at the table. One guy would go to the turn almost every hand and would fold to a check raise every time!! I quickly figured that out and stole a few decent sized pots.

Sooooo, where does this leave me? I guess overall a slightly more mature player. I demonstrated to myself that I can stick to my plan and not tilt off the bankroll even though I know in the back of my head it would be very easy to load on another $100. I want to earn this, it is not about size of the wins/losses right now, it is about developing as a player and proving to myself that I can be a long term winner at this game. DoubleAs is much more of an inspiration than he will probably ever appreciate. I know I am leagues away from his level, but I think he has proven that with some luck, a lot of work, a lot of reflection, and diligence and practice, it is attainable. Thanks DoubleAs and also thanks to all the other bloggers that entertain and teach me as I feed my addiction to this "poker fad" ;-)

I enjoy these "What would you do?" type posts on other blogs, will try my own here.

The Setup: .50/1 Limit Hold Em table that is playing normal to tight. I am in the SB.

Hand #6358101-9814 at Manilla ($.50/$1 Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 14/Jun/05 17:49:11
brownzfan is at seat 0 with $29.45. (maniac)
DrEazyE is at seat 1 with $36.05. (good player)
pigglywiggly is at seat 2 with $36.90. (LAG)
jonnypow is at seat 3 with $38.10.
STeelerJosh is at seat 4 with $53.10. (Hero)
River Mouse is at seat 5 with $104.70. (Solid Player)
betqueen19 is at seat 6 with $19.35. (Tight Passive)
housemusic19 is at seat 7 with $34.80.
punkrocker21 is at seat 8 with $14.20. (Fish)
Froggie1 is at seat 9 with $46.10. (Fish)
The button is at seat 3.

STeelerJosh posts the small blind of $.25.River Mouse posts the big blind of $.50.

betqueen19 calls. housemusic19 folds. punkrocker21folds. Froggie1 folds. brownzfan folds. DrEazyEfolds. pigglywiggly raises to $1. jonnypow folds.STeelerJosh re-raises to $1.50. River Mouse folds. betqueen19 folds. pigglywiggly re-raises to $2. STeelerJosh calls. (1 limper and it is folded around to one seat off the button. A place where I might take a shot at a steal with a halfway decent hand)

Flop (board: 3d 8c Jd):
STeelerJosh bets $.50. pigglywiggly raises to $1. STeelerJosh re-raises to $1.50. pigglywigglyre-raises to $2. STeelerJosh calls. (Two diamonds on the flop. Nice! Call the re-raise in case I miss completely)

Turn (board: 3d 8c Jd As):
STeelerJosh bets $1. pigglywiggly raises to $2. STeelerJosh re-raises to $3. pigglywiggly re-raisesto $4. STeelerJosh calls. (Couple ways I think I can win this hand now. TPTK, nut flush draw. Warning bells are warming up, but I am only afraid of one hand right now, and if a diamond falls on the river, hakuna matata)

River (board: 3d 8c Jd As Kc):
STeelerJosh bets $1. pigglywiggly raises to $2.STeelerJosh calls. (Have to call here, right? I am only afraid of AA or KK. I don't think he wold have been capping with Q 10. No flush draws or Full House and I have top two pair. I thought about raising the bettor, but had that bad feeling that he could have played KK or AA this far and my bet would probably be reraised. I called)

What do you think pigglywiggly was holding? Was there a happy ending? I would enjoy any comments on what (if anything) you might have done differently.

pigglywiggly shows Ac Ah. pigglywiggly has Ac Ah Jd As Kc: three aces.
STeelerJosh mucks cards.(STeelerJosh has Kd Ad.)
Hand #6358101-9814 Summary:
$1 is raked from a pot of $21.pigglywiggly wins $20 with three aces.

If you are like me and hate suspense, highlight the blank space above with your mouse and see the result.



HighOnPoker said...

Maybe I missed it, but what cards do you have? I'd guess what he had, but I know I'll be way off. Its a lot easier to guess with NL, because then you can gauge more than "he just keeps raising". Maybe two pair, AJ or KJ.

STeelerJosh said...

He had AA. I used invisible ink to post the showdown. (white font on white background... I know, tricky) If you click and drag over the white space towards the bottom of the previous two posts, you can see the results.