Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cure for the Shanks?

STeelerJosh: If you're the Mexican Mac O'Grady, DNasty, you gotta figure out why I'm still shanking the ball.
What's the problem? I'm catching it on the hosel, right? Moving my head? I'm laying off it, I'm pronating, I'm supinating, I'm clearing too early, I'm clearing too late, I'm off plane, I ain't dropping in -- oh, God, my swing feels like an unfolding lawn chair.

DNasty: You got a virus in your brain. I got to kill the brain to kill the virus.

STeelerJosh: Anything. Kill me now!

DNasty: Put all your change in your right pocket.

(STeelerJosh follows orders, not questioning the logic.)

DNasty: Very good. Now tie your left shoelace in a double knot.

(Again, STeelerJosh dutifully follows orders.)

DNasty: Esta bueno. Now, turn your hat around backwards and put a blue tee behind your right ear...

STeelerJosh: I'll look like a fool.

DNasty: What you think you look like hitting those squirrelly chili peppers up HighonPokers' ass, eh? Do what I say or I quit.

STeelerJosh: Okay, okay...

DNasty: Perfect... now hit a seven iron into that tree over there. You're ready.

STeelerJosh hits a perfect seven iron into the trees.

STeelerJosh: How'd I do that?

DNasty: You ain't thinking about shanking, you ain't thinking about the doctor lady, you ain't thinking period. You just lookin' like a fool and hittin' it pure – your natural state.

STeelerJosh: Fuck you.

DNasty: You’re cured.

I wish I had a caddy. I am sitting in front of my monitor wearing my backwards hat, blue tee behind my ear and my one pocket heavy with change......wondering how to get rid of my shanks.

I have "shanked" off over half of my bankroll in the limit challenge and 3 hours of play this morning have only led to more frustration. My stats have not changed much (besides the BB/Hour going negative), if anything I am playing tighter. I am not sure what is going on. A few weeks ago I was steadily climbing, feeling in control and the past week I have entered a flat spin killing Goose and trying not to eject. I think that I am going to turn off the computer for awhile, too bummed/embarassed to update the bankroll. Suffice to say that I am relegated back to the starting levels. Think I am going to go for a ride and come back to my other addiction later.

Steeler "Tin Cup" Josh

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HighOnPoker said...

I don't know if I should be flattered or disturbed by that mention in your post. As for your bad luck, look at it as just that, bad luck. I was reading an article on the Crew in Rolling Stone and someone mentioned that the pros sometimes go through months of bad cards. They have to ride it out because luck is an element of the game. You have to make the most of it when you have good luck, and keep a cool head when you have bad luck. So, thats my advice. Don't take it personally. Follow my advice, and not my actions, because if you read my site, you'll see that I often blame my bad luck on myself.

Good luck.