Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cash out Curse

I am not a big believer in things like that, but I think I am ready to start!?

I had loaded $100 on PP and built it up to ~320. I was playing 5/10 and found it very beatable. It was like people were trying to give me money sometimes. I made the mistake of telling Mrs. STeelerJosh about this and she told me, "Good. Withdraw it." Nothing like the love and support of a significant other. I compromised and withdrew the original 100. With 220 still jingling in my virtual pocket, I sat back down the same day on the 5/10 tables. Faster than you can type, "WTF?" I was down 10 BB.

Hmmmm. That stinks, but I will just tighten up and get my mojo going again. Sure.

New table, I bring my whole bankroll and early on raise with one of my favorite hands, AQo. Not sure why I like that hand some much, but it has been good to me. Longer story short, flop KKQ. I bet and get reraised. I reraise, but I am worried. The turn brings a 10 and I check raise. The river is the A. I really don't think that my two pair is good, but I am going to take a shot. I check raise and the opponent goes into the tank. I am willing him with all my might to fold, I have seen stranger moves on PP. Tick, Tick..... damn, he has to call, this pot is huge. With about 5 seconds to go, he calls, the cards flip and I whimper. His Kx is good. I try to avoid tilt, but in retrospect if it was not tilt, it was his twin brother. I keep playing, my swan song being pocket 8's that hit a set on the flop only to be taken away from my by a four card flush. That stinks.

I had a little under 6 bucks left and I thought about making a run with it on a 5 SNG. I did not have that much time left before I had to get off, so I played some $25 NL and turned it back into 20 before I signed off.

I turned that 20 into 0 tonight at the same game. Pocket 10's ran into A5. He made a full house and IG2BN.

At least I have my original principle sitting in Neteller. Cash out curse? You tell me. The wrong side of variance. Probably.

**Side Note** - Where ya at D? Checking the blog everyday for an update, maybe you have not unpacked the pc yet?

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GaryC said...

The Party Poker "cash-out curse" is as well documented on the internet as on-line poker is "rigged." I thought you would have know that, Josh. Never, ever cash out. LOL.

Let us know if you hear from D.