Sunday, August 28, 2005

$20 HU SNG plan

With my recently discovered strength in HU SNG's, I have decided to do a 50 game challenge for myself. I started on Friday night and after 10 games, the results look promising. I went to play some on Sunday and the tab says that there are no tables available, weird. Will have to work on my 1/2 instead, still having trouble at that level... (Update - managed to drop $50 over 179 hands, played tight and well, river after river defeat. Going to keep at it, UB 1/2 is still my daddy it seems. How long can variance run bad at a level, or should I just write that level off?)


Cash In/Cash Out





TripJax said...

I noticed the same problem last night too. I really wanted to play heads up and couldn't. Instead I played the ring games and got my ass handed to me.

Good luck with the final 40 games. Hope it goes well for you.

the new said...

Nice HU stats, Josh. Hope you keep running well there. I'd practice HU more but I need to work on making final tables first. Heh.