Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dell Support Hold Muzak stinks

Everytime I call Dell for support on computers at work, I end up on hold at some point and get to experience the eclectic sonic abuse that is Dell hold music. Invariably, someone will walk past my office and stop to figure out just what the hell I am listening to. I guess I could take it off speakerphone, but I have other stuff to do while waiting on hold. It is the most eclectic mix of music I have ever experienced. I am enjoying this right now as I wait.

Since my productivity is limited by my tether to this phone right now, I figured I could blog something. Since I missed the kickoff of the HU Challenge last night due to the kickoff of the Steelers Preseason, how about that?

The opening kick off and drive got me pretty pumped up. Your defense scores 12 seconds into the game by intercepting the first pass of the game by McNabb. I'll take it. Your special teams scores by running back the first Eagle's punt of the game. Works for me. Up by 14 before Big Ben even touches the cowhide. I like it!

Overall, I was impressed by the D last night and concerned by the apparent lack of offense. I think this may change as Ward and Staley were both out, but it concerns me nonetheless. Dell is on the line now, gotta jet.

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