Thursday, August 11, 2005

HU Preseason Preview

Hmmmm. I am afraid to get too happy, but I have a much better feeling going into this challenge. I have never, repeat, never, as in not even once, done well with UB SNGs. Not sure what it is, level of competition, starting chip count, blind structure.... but I do a lot better at Party SNGs. They seem to be more of a crapshoot, but I have a much better track record there.

I have never seriously played or kept track of the HU SNGs on UB. That is changing tonight. I played 4 $5 HU SNGs and won all 4. Two of them were preseason struggles against GCox25 and HighOnPoker. The GCox25 match had a nice twist. He was playing very aggressive pre flop and some post flop and I hit a Royal Floosh on him. I had the nut flush on the river, and drew the Royal with an A on the river. I really wish I had been playing on my home computer so I could grab the hand history. Unfortunately, I was playing on my laptop downstairs so it will have to live in my memory. He was betting into it the whole way. It is rare that something like that happens, gotta savor the flavor!!

So, despite incurring the wrath of the PP gods with a cashout there tonight that precipitated a -$200 swing on 5/10, I shut down the computer feeling good. 4/4 in anything is not that bad, especially HU SNGs. Speaking of 4 for 4, any bloggers in the challenge think that might be the Cowboys record four games in? Hahahahaha. Discovered tonight that while there may be some great poker minds in this challenge, there are some challenged minds in the area of NFL allegiances.

This weekend kicks off the start of it all for me, I am getting all excited to head to the open practice in Latrobe, PA and watch my beloved Steelers practice.



GaryC said...

I've already forgotten it.

Now, as far as the Cowboys are concerned:You being a Steeler fan should know full well how I feel about them. I'm sure you feel the same way about my Cowboys. When you grow up where I did, we got the Cowboys every Sunday and grew to fiercely hate the Steelers.

I don't hate them much anymore, in fact, I hardly keep up with the NFL at all. I'm a much bigger college fan in everything other than baseball.

Good luck in the challenge, but I fear it is me that needs the luck.


TripJax said...

Damn...good job on winning 4 straight, with 2 of those being against fellow bloggers. I was hoping to catch a game with you last night, but everytime a game ended the other player wanted a rematch. One poor schmuck lost 3 straight to me before finally calling it a night.

Let's try and play one this weekend before the HUC officially begins. If I'm on AIM and you wanna play, just hit me with an Instant Message.

Oh, and I can't wait to see how the NFL season plays out. I think - and hope - you are very wrong about the Cowboys. Me thinks they'll do just fine.

It will be a fun season to watch...