Monday, August 08, 2005

SNG Challenge Update

Work is very demanding right now, not much time to play or post. Moved all the technology in my firm's Ann Arbor, MI office this weekend. I did have a chance to sit in one more SNG this weekend and won my $1.10 SNG. This brings my total to $7.40. It was tempting to sit down and play a $5 SNG, but I resisted. I was playing some 6 person $5/$10 on Party at the same time. That made the $1 SNG seem almost silly, but it was more for pride than anything else! On the subject of $5/$10 Limit on Party on Sunday.... it seemed easy. I doubled my buy in in the first hour and then bled some of it off but still had a profitable day. It seemed towards the end that I kept getting rivered. A7 vs 73 with two sevens flopped. Can't blame the guy for staying in (and even raising, we capped the betting the last two rounds) but the 3 on the river really hurt. Had I won that pot....

Anyway, the SNG challenge was a dissapointment. I have never done well on the UB SNG's even though I prefer their structure, the UB interface, and the different types of SNGs they offer. I am not sure if it is a mental monkey, or there is that wide of a gap in skill between the average PP and UB player. I think not, but I cannot explain my dismal performance.

Looking forward to the Heads Up Challenge. I have not had time to read the other blogs in the past two weeks, but I am sure things will return to normal and I will get caught up.

Last, but pretty importantly, who do I send my $25 too?!?!?

Thanks for the fun over the past month fellow challengers. Even though I did not sit at any tables with you, it was fun railbirding and watching. Great bunch of guys!


TripJax said...

Good times Josh...looking forward to the Heads Up Challenge as well.

Catch ya later and may the felt be with you...


kipper said...

I will be watching you on the Heads Up Challenge. I will be looking for you to be at the top of the list!

HighOnPoker said...

Hey Steeler. I'm sure GCox will be kind enough to pass along his address or Neteller info or whatever via instant messenger. It's been a pleasure. Put on your heads-up shoes, because its almost time to dance.

GaryC said...

Okay. I will be the one to let you know, you can send the money to me, brother. It doesn't matter how you want to do it, I have accounts everywhere and with Neteller. Let me know and I will get you the information that you need.

I, too, am looking forward to the HU Challenge, just not quite as much as I was the SNG challenge.