Tuesday, August 16, 2005

HU First Blood

I went fishing for some HU Challengers tonight and found Kipper and DoubleAs online. I watched the hammer get dropped on Kipper while he was the chip leader in a 6 person SNG. It was appreciated more than the hammer dropper would know, I am pretty sure it was an unintentional drop. It won and he showed so I think that still counts....

While waiting for Kipper, Will Wonka and HighOnPoker signed on. Wonka was ready to play so we sat. I was a little nervous for me first match that counted, but confident from my recent success in these HU matches on UB.

Match 1 - Lost first match of the HU Challenge after winning 6 HU matches in a row. The killing blow was two pair over two pair. I hung around for awhile, but never was competitve again. Congrats Will Wonka. 0-1

Next up, Kipper. It was the Battle of Who Could Care Less. Very Passive until DoubleAs encouraged me to make a move.... which I did with A10o vs an all in push by Kipper. I had him cvoered by ~700. I called and turned an A. Sorry Kipper. Blame DoubleAs!! 1-1

I would like another crack at Will Wonka, will see if we make it to round 2....


kipper said...

Remind me to play DoubleAs HU!! I will show him who is boss!

GaryC said...

You are turning into a virtual blogging machine. 3 posts in 2 days???

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but..Okay, I don't hate it that much, Kipper isn't in the HU Challenge. You must have played him for fun.

Glad to hear from D finally, I say we wait on him to proceed to round 2.


STeelerJosh said...

Booooooo. I thought Kipper was in, guess I should pay more attention. Thanks for bursting my bubble Gary!!

GaryC said...

Posting and responding to comments, Wow. I like this "new" SteelerJosh.

Sorry to have burst your bubble.


WillWonka said...

It was a good match.. I especially liked losing with a full house to your higher full house.

Rematch? anytime. I enjoy these head's up matches.

TripJax said...

I clicked on the comments with intentions to burst your bubble, but I'm glad to see GCox got the job done. I say we force Kipper to get back on the bus...albeit the short bus.

Good bloggin' Josh. How'd ya like that Monday Night Football Game??!!